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An inspirational story

david norcott

David Norcott survived a tragic accident that resulted in having both his legs amputated. After battling depression, he finally turned his life around and has been an inspiration to anyone who comes into contact with him. He embarked on a new chapter in his life where, instead of focusing on his own personal trauma, he reached out to others in need of a rock. Through what he would describe as divine opportunities, David has shared his story with countless others, often helping people come to terms with life-changing events. Part of David's path out of his depression has been exercise, including participating in area road races. Read about David's inspirational story.


Two veteran speedsters win awards
at Celebrate ESA 5K

By Fiona Green

jessica smith and james jacksonAround 100 runners gathered for the Celebrate ESA 5K at the Birdville Athletic Complex in North Richland Hills Saturday morning (Sept. 3). It was perfect race weather and fast times were recorded by local speedsters and overall winners James Jackson and Jessica Smith (pictured).

This was only Smith's second race in the past few months as she decided to take a break from racing over the summer. She was happy with her time (official times not yet posted), which was over 2 minutes ahead of runner-up and masters runner Laura Nelson.

On the male side, James Jackson showed that at age 49 he is still a solid contender although it must have been quite lonely for him out on the course as he finished far ahead of the rest of the pack.

Jackson was thrilled with his time as he was recently sidelined from running because of injuries. His injuries and the solution to his problem might serve as a cautionary tale to others. Several months ago, he started experiencing tightness in his glutes and hip area. Soon afterward, he developed pain in his Achilles tendon on his opposite side. His doctor, suspecting the two injuries were connected, referred him to a chiropractor who quickly figured out the cause of his problem - his wallet.

Like many people,James would carry his wallet in his back pocket.  He would leave it there while driving, which was just enough to create an imbalance and to cause him pain. Jackson took several weeks off (without even cross-training) during which time he gained 13 pounds. Prior to his doctor's visit he had been struggling to break 19 minutes and had been starting to question whether his days as a competitive runner were over. By following the doctor's orders, which involved the 3 R's - rest, rehab and removing his wallet from his back pocket, he managed to alleviate his symptoms and resume training. Since then his times have improved dramatically.

We are happy to see he is not yet ready to retire his racing shoes as races just wouldn't be the same without him.

The top two overall and  masters runners were awarded cash prizes at today's race.

Oct. 3 Highlights

By Charles Clines

October arrived and greeted runners with cool temperatures (high 50s and low 60s) Saturday morning. It was a great day to run, jog or walk, and several close decisions highlighted the morning.

* The DRC The Loop 15K became a three-way competition for first across the finish line honors. Included in the chase was Michelle Gaye of Coppell. She eventually finished third, 37 seconds behind winner Joe Landry, whose gun time was 57:10. Behind Landry was Alberto Castro at 57:28 and then Gaye at 57:47. A duel developed between Claran Doogan and Cole Atchison for the male 5K overall award with Doogan winning with a 17:12, 25 seconds in front of Atchison.

* Another event that produced close battles was at the Pink Soles in Motion in Coppell. James Veath won with a 21:25, seven seconds in front of female winner Kaylene Prigge, who was one second in front of Scott Wesserman. A toe might have decided the 5K winner at the Paint Palestine Pink as Andy Chicas won with a 21:42.1. Zachary Fogle was maybe a half step slower, finishing with a 21:42.9.

* Eska Brenton of Dallas might have believed he had won the Withers Elementary Wildcat Prowl when he crossed the finish line with a gun time of 20:45. The next runner to follow him was Benjamin Babcock of Dallas at 20:59. However, Babcock had a 19:25 chip time and Eska's chip time was 20:37, so Babcock was deemed to be first (again: overalls should be decided by gun times in my opinion).

* Diane Klopp, the female 5K winner at the Rib Rub 5K in Rockwall probably came the longest distance to run and win in an area race. Klopp, from Williamsburg, Va., won with a 20:30 (chip time).

* Cathy Buchanan of Fort Worth often ventures to different venues and seldom comes back empty-handed. Buchanan, 53, traveled to Eastland and won the overall female award at the Old Rip 5K by finishing with a 22:10.9, which also was third overall.

* James Schwartz, 16, held off Denae Chapman, 17, to win the McLean Mad Hatter 5K in Fort Worth. Schwartz crossed the finish line with an 18:16 while Chapman, the overall female, came in with an 18:52 in the teen dominated event.

* Clint Bell of Dallas quickly took control of the Mary Kay 5K in Addison and finished about two minutes in front of his nearest competitor by dashing to a 16:25. Riva Rahl, noted more for her successful long distance feats, won the female award by about a minute by logging a 21:03. Longtime competitor Bob Smeby managed to hold off Bryan Williams to win the male masters award by 10 seconds with his 20:17.

* Darlene Gou led the way and was the overall winner at the BT5K in Plano with a 21:21. Four other females followed her in before the first male finished.


Joe Boyle Inducted into Hall of Fame

Our very own Joe Boyle will be inducted into the Phoenix College Athletic Hall of Fame at the Ninth Annual Hall of Fame Dinner on Friday, October 16th. He is being honored for his running accomplishments while he attended Phoenix College in 1965 and 1966. The accomplishments include placing 3rd in the mile and 5th in the two mile at the 1965 National NJCAA Championship. The following year, 1966, he placed 3rd in both the mile and the two mile at the National NJCAA Championship as well as being named scholar athlete. Helped in part by Joe's running, the School won the National Jr. College Track and Field Championship in 1965 and 1966.

Joe Boyle

This will be the second time Ole' Joe has been honored with a Hall of Fame induction for his running. After earning an associate degree at Phoenix College, Joe went on to an outstanding running career at Harding University in Arkansas. In 1992 he was inducted into the Harding University Hall of Fame.

Joe is now the Director of the Texas Running Center and a columnist with Clines Running Corner and Lone Star Christian Sports Network. Those interested in his many accomplishments, including coaching and teaching in private schools and his work as the Director of Sports, (Sports Branch), at the United States Military Academy West Point, New York, can read his bio at Clines Running Corner.


Saturday in the Park

Ole' Joe's High School Cross Country

Saturday, in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July, Saturday, in the Park, I think it was the Fourth of July, People laughing, people dancing, a man selling ice cream, Singing Italian songs...

When Chicago recorded this fine piece of music, they surely did not have in mind that Saturdays spent in parks by thousands of schoolboy and schoolgirl harriers across this Lone Star State; there is little pleasure for these boys and girls as they trudge over hill and dale, field and stream, through rain and hail and snow and sleet.

There is little pleasure during the actual pleasure during the actual running of the race. Cross country competition is more against your body than your opponents or the clock. During the race, the runner must not let a single negative thought enter his mind. You've simply got to force yourself to go beyond the barrier of human possibilities. This is the stuff of which champions are made in cross country. Going up cemetery hills, the runner who says to himself or herself "I can make it up the hill, I will make it up the hill!" is going to make it. The runner who thinks "My legs are tired, I'm going to ease up a bit," is beaten. It's simply a case of mind over matter.

But, all the agony has its rewards. The rewards may be trophies, headlines, or simply cutting 30 seconds off your best time for the course. Success is not only based on winning. Success can be a personal thing to a mid-pack runner, while of course the winner's success is public. But even winning is not the ultimate. As Fred Wilt says "Quitting is performing in any way less than best. Winning is not the only criterion by which to judge success in racing. If a runner were to win in time much poorer than his potential best, he probably would not regard this as a successful performance. The athlete who races far faster than his apparent capabilities might be regarded as highly successful, though finishing far behind the winner. It seems that successful racing might logically be judged in terms of how nearly the athlete performs to the apparent maximum of his or her potential." It is for the reasons stated by Wilt, one of the greatest runners of all time, and a leader in the quest for more training knowledge, that cross country and long distance running began rapidly increasing in popularity in the age of the individual. It is, as one runner put it, "a microcosm of life" putting humans against themselves, human against human, and human against nature.

"Saturday in the Park" will attempt to compare the top 100 performances in the U.S. (for HS Boys and Girls); Compare the top 75 Teams in the U.S. (for HS Boys and Girls) via a hypothetical race based on actual best times run by each member of those teams throughout the year); and point out the top Texas athletes and teams compared to those on the list.

Texas Individual Boys making top 100 in U.S. 5k Distance

17. Carter Blunt, Frisco Independence, 15:01
21. David Strome, Colleyville Heritage, 15:05
33. Daniel Bernal, El Paso Eastwood, 15:15
42. Reed Brown, Southlake Carroll, 15:19
51. Sam Worley, Comal Canyon, 15:22
54. Conner O'Neill, Dallas Jesuit, 15:23
75. Timou Toure, Southlake Carroll, 15:29
83. Carter Persyn, Keller, 15:31

Texas Individual Girls making top 100 in U.S. 5k Distance

9. Rachel McKenzi, River Oaks Castleberry, 15:35
12. Megan Atwood, Argyle, 15:54
14. Claire Chownin, Argyle, 15:55
15. Andrea Perez, River Oaks Castleberry, 15:59
18. Landry Austin, Argyle, 16:26
19. Leighton Eschle, Argyle, 16:35
22. Katy Haynes, Argyle, 16:38
23. Kenzie Sullivan, Argyle, 16:44
26. Raleigh Turner, Argyle, 16:55
27. Sarah Dallas, Argyle, 16:56
30. Sarah Garcia, Argyle, 17:05
32. Natehya Morris, Argyle, 17:07
33. Laura Lotze, Argyle, 17:08
39. Halie Argumniz, Lake Worth, 17:22
40. Paige Hofstad, New Brunfels, 17:23
44. Aston Endsley, Abilene, 17:32
49. Naomi Brocks, Argyle, 17:46
54. Mandy Reed, Lewisville Marcus, 17:43
58. Kayla Jayesh Patel, Houston Memorial, 17:46
64. Carley Haynes, Argyle, 17:51
68. Vanessa Villafranco, River Oaks Castleberry, 17:53
85. Elizabeth Reneau, Liberty Christian (Argyle), 18:02

Texas Boys Teams making top 75 in U.S.

9. Southlake Carroll, Texas
28. Arlington Bowie, Texas
67. Lewisville Hebron, Texas

Texas Girls Teams making top 75 in U.S.

2. Argyle, Texas
10. Southlake Carroll, Texas
12. Lewisville Marcus, Texas
18. Keller, Texas
50. Lewisville, Texas
54. Grapevine, Texas
70. Plano West, Texas

Links to the current Boys and Girls top 100 and top 75 teams:
Top 100 Boys in U.S. here.
Top 100 Girls in U.S. here.
Top 75 Boys Teams in U.S. here.
Top 75 Girls Teams in U.S. here.


"World champs" decided
at 2/5 marathon

By Fiona Green

fiona and luke bennettIt was a cool, calm, morning for the annual two fifths marathon, half marathon and 5K in Arlington's Craven Park on Saturday, Sept. 26.

As race organizer Jeph Abara pointed out, this was possibly the only 2/5 marathon in the world, meaning the winners would be world champions for the distance. While the temptation to compete to be a world champion was certainly strong, I opted instead for the traditional 5K. 

During the race, I had a flashback to a 5K I ran in that park a few years ago. I had run a 19:27 for the second week in a row and had been complaining to Jeph about how I had reached a plateau. I remember he had laughed and said I would soon wish I was able to run 19:27, and he was right. My time for this race was almost 3 minutes slower, and it's hard to believe I ever ran a sub 20. Ah, those were the days....

Luke Bennett, 24, was thrilled with his first overall male win, explaining he hasn't been able to log too many miles recently because of a busy work schedule. Luke and his mother Peggy, who won the 50-54-year-old age group, are passionate animal lovers who have rescued a variety of animals over the years. As we spoke after the race, a rabbit ran by and for a moment Luke looked like he was considering taking him home. After careful consideration he opted not to. Luke is pictured with Fiona, who was the first across the line with a 22:26.

Winning the female masters title was 63-year-old Doris Lodics, who clocked an impressive 27.02, 2 minutes ahead of male masters winner, 44-year-old Silverio Espinoza.

In the 2/5 marathon, the overall winner and, according to Jeph, new world champion, was 48-year-old Gregory Gallimore, who easily outran the competition to finish in 1:11:26, five minutes ahead of runner-up 30-year-old Anthonie Zimmerman. There was a battle for 3rd and 4th place with two runners from North Carolina finishing just 2 seconds apart. Thomas Flannigan, 30, finished in 1:21:33 while Scottie Roofe, 47, took 4th overall and the Masters title in 1:21:35. Another notable performance was by Jim Sansone who took the senior Masters title in 1:23:50.

In the half marathon, masters runners claimed the top five spots. The battle for overall male was a close one with Brent Heady, 42, finishing in 1:39:22, followed by Kevin Evans, 54, in 1:39:55.

The female title was won by 58-year-old Dianna Sulser in 2:11:27. 


Sept. 26 Highlights

By Charles Clines

* Megan Skeels, 41, won the Puzzle Scuttle 5K in Fort Worth on a cool Saturday morning (Sept. 26) with a 17:40.88, which was almost two minutes in front of male winner James Bratton, 46. Megan, a top high school and college runner, is now a mom and was coming off last week's Tour des Fleurs female runner-up effort in the 20K, losing to Elizabeth Northern, 28, of Fort Worth, who finished with a 1:15:23 PR. Counting Megan, two other females were in the top 10 -- masters winner Cathy Buchanan, 53, (21:03.42) and Melissa Jennings, 20 (22:54.73).

* And mentioning Elizabeth Northern, she came back from her impressive 20K victory at the Tour des Fleurs to win the Rahr Oktoberfest 5K in Fort Worth, posting an impressive 17:04. John Valentine, 23, a former UTA runner, took command of the race and won with a 15:41.

* One of the younger winners was 12-year-old Allie Lyda, who took the female race at the Music Miles 5K in Flower Mound with an 18:47.8, which also was good for second overall. The male winner was another youngster, 13-year-old Johnathan Flint with a 16:34.7.

* Another female who won overall was Rachael Sanchez. Her 41:29 took the 10K award at the Crape Myrtle Trails of McKinney.

* William Moore, 53, a former White Rock Marathon winner and Olympic Trials qualifier, pulled away to win the Plano Pacers 5 Mile Fling with a 29:18.


Path To Wellness

Dr. Lauren Letz and her team, Dr. Darcy Goode and Dr. Andrea Roberts, has worked with many of Fort Worth's top runners. Path To Wellness Chiropractic was established in 2008 and is the title sponsor of the Fort Worth Runners Club and the Cox Racing Series. Path to Wellness Chiropractic was established with runners in mind. To fulfill all the needs of runners, we have created a full-service clinic offering spinal and extremity adjustments, spinal decompression, trigger point dry needling, cold laser therapy, active rehabilitation, nutritional counseling, foot orthotics, kinesio taping, and much more.

Dr. Lauren and her team take great pride in their ability to focus on the patients' needs. They work diligently to not only relieve a runner's current problems but also create a healthy environment so future spinal or extremity issues do not arise.

lukes locker logo

Luke's Spring Training 2015 began Jan. 10. Benefits of participating in the program include group training, weekly schedules, benchmark races, clinics, and special shopping promotions. Runners and walkers can choose from half marathon, 10K, 5K and walking programs. Read more about the program or call 817-877-1448 or visit a Luke's store for more information and to register.

Luke’s Locker (the original running store) is Texas’ premier running and fitness specialty retailer. Luke’s offers the best footwear, clothing and accessories for the runner, walker and fitness enthusiast (cardio, yoga, speed, strength and conditioning). Luke’s specializes in excellent customer treatment and product knowledge.

runtime logo

A full-service race event timing and production company based in Fort Worth. ChampionChip or Chronotrack (D-Tag) timing technology for quick and accurate results. Before choosing a timing company, please talk to us and compare our competitive pricing. Visit our web site for more information.

cox running club logo

The Cox Running Club was announced at the 2012 Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon in and 5K. By joining, members will enjoy many benefits. Among them include workouts and activities, discounts at running stores and at races. A Training Tuesday is scheduled each Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the TCU track. There also are a kids series and quarterly races. Demery and Ricky Cox time and conduct several area events and have conducted the Trinity 5000 Summer Series for many years. Visit the website for more information.

CRC website congratulates Bill for completing his goal in November of running a marathon in all 50 states, just in time to celebrate his 60th birthday.

bill berenson ad logo

Bill Berenson is a top rated injury attorney and a runner and has recovered millions of dollars for Texans for over 30 years! Bill has been practicing personal injury law and fighting for the rights of injured Texans for longer than 30 years. He is one of the few who has been certified for over 20 years by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial Law. Need help? Please visit for more information. Bill has run marathons in all 50 states, completing his 50th in November, 2014, and the State of Israel, qualifying for Boston in 40 of them. Bill also sponsors several area runs and walks. Please visit for more information.

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Race directors: Shirts for your race.

Growing up in a family of runners and being involved with the Fort Worth Runners Club and local running community, we've built up quite a collection of race shirts in recent years. With that being said, at CSP, we've come to know what runners want in a shirt. With over 12 years of Screen Printing experience we are ready to implement that knowledge on your next event order. Specializing in up to 4-color screen printing, your race shirt will stand out from all of the rest. We've got all colors from white to vibrant, as well as cotton to moisture wicking. No matter if your design is simple or complex, we've got an expert artist on staff ready to work on your next design. At CSP we feel rushing orders is a recipe for disaster so we do require a 7 business day time frame to ensure your order is printed correctly. Orders start from as small as a dozen pieces to as large as 1,000. For more information or a quote, please visit

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Texas Running Center

Texas Running Center (TRC) is organized to promote lifetime fitness. TRC offers a comprehensive interactive training platform scientifically based on an individual's personal data. The initial cost for the platform is $15 and updates to the platform based on the individual's progress, real time data, racing goals and experience levels are made at an additional nominal charge of $15. Our clients are able to communicate directly with coach Joe via text, email and phone. (Joe is also available to visit on Tuesday and Thursday at Wimbledon Park or during a convenient schedule appointment). TUESDAY RACE NIGHTS: 7:00 PM, Our race training nights are designed as a learning experience; individual training benefit; fun and always with a TWIST. See the website for information and to contact Coach Joe.

 Ainsleys Angles

In addition to ensuring everyone can experience endurance events, Ainsley's Angels of America aims to build awareness about America's special needs community through inclusion in all aspects of life. Serving as advocates to providing education and participating as active members in local communities, we believe everyone deserves to be included. See the website for information and to email Trish Robinson.

cox racing services

COX RACING SERVICES provides Chip Timing, Pull Tag Electronic Timing and Complete Race Setup for all road races ranging from 1K to Ultra Marathon distances. We have more than 25 years of race managing and directing experience. We are dedicated to promoting health and fitness in communities. With our vast running and timing experience, COX RACING SERVICES is a viable option. See the website for information about the services.

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The Fort Worth Runners Club (FWRC) is a non-profit community organization that promotes running, walking and fitness activities for better health. The FWRC welcomes everyone, at all levels of athletic ability. The FWRC conducts races throughout the year where members may participate, either competitively or recreationally at a low cost. Visit for more information.