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Thomas Martin: The "C" Word

I usually try to keep my articles directed at runners and health issues commonly faced by them. But, I have recently been personally affected with so many friends facing cancer that I knew those following Clines Running Corner would likely also be in a similar situation. Read More.

Fiona Green: Running in Scotland

Whenever I visit family in Scotland I always look for an opportunity to race while I am there. During last month's trip I was able to squeeze in 2 races. Read more.

Harry Hall: Boston Marathon Documentary Not Perfect, But Is Well Worth Watching

"This is beyond running. This is for the Boston Strong." Meb Keflezighi, after winning the 2014 Boston Marathon. Read More.

Gary Pulver: Finishing Last - Something Few Experience

Every race has two things almost for certain, one person who crosses the finish line first and one person who crosses the finish line last. I have read other tales of the person who finishes last. Read More

Mackley Q. Greene (as told to Kim Andres): Mackley's New Friend

PLOP! And just like that an infant squirrel entered my life and that of my runner, Kim. This bit of a hairless thing attracted my attention when she fell from a big tree in our front yard after a particularly windy day. Read More.

Brad Kelley: When your race doesn't go as planned.

As athletes, we sign up for a particular race, we train for hours and miles in the months ahead, we have a training plan that our coach has laid out for us....and then race morning comes upon us. Read More.

Ashley Wise: 5 Nutrition Habits to Implement Now

Do you know your values? I'm not talking about your deeply-rooted moral values, although you should probably have a good grasp on what those are as well. But what I'm talking about is your lipid panel values. You know, your cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose… Never heard of them? Certainly don't know what they are? If that is the case, well, frankly I'm not surprised. Read More

Charles Clines:  Heading to the finish line

A mid-life start to running led to making new friends and a healthier lifestyle. And now I'm ready to cut back some and "retire" -- at least somewhat. Read more.

Natalie Trimble: On Recovering from a Knee Injury

It's happened to you, I'm sure. You've been out with a baby (probably yours) and a stranger stopped you to do a pity-brag. The beginning is innocent enough. You're asked about the age of your baby. "Is he walking yet?" If you say yes, the Pity-Bragger confirms their child walked at least two months sooner. If you say no, the Pity Bragger cautions you. Not just walking is coming, but running will be right behind it Read more.

H.B. Wise: The Last Year

We are thinking about new features here at CRC. First is a book review column. We have someone who is interested in writing these and we will try to get started in September. The idea is to review running books. Hopefully this should give you an idea of what you might find useful. Read more.


Press Release

Registration Opens for 2017 BMW Dallas Marathon

DALLAS (May 1, 2017) - Registration for the 47th running of the BMW Dallas Marathon, Half Marathon, newly named SMU Cox School of Business Relay and initial BMW Weekend Series launched today at New to this year’s event, the BMW Weekend Series introduces a competitive 5K and 10K race held the Saturday of marathon weekend, December 8-10. Read More.


Race Reports

(More reports are here and in the Archives)


Honor Connor attracts Fast Crowd and Changes Lives

By Fiona Green

Over 800 runners showed up for the annual Honor Connor 5k and Smile Mile on Saturday, May 20. It was a very close race with 14 year old Martin Chavez of Dallas edging out 16 year old Paul Anderson of Argyle by a mere second to claim the top spot. Anderson, incidentally, was runner up in the Buffalo Boogie 10k last week where he finished 2 seconds behind his friend, Jordan Gledhill. Both Chavez and Anderson were excited at having the chance to push each other as the competition helped them both score new PRs of 16:44 and 16:45 respectively. Gledhill finished in 16:54.

Chavez The top overall female disappeared before the awards ceremony but is listed as 26 year old Haley Krentz from San Francisco.

The Honor Connor event has become much more than just a race. (I actually wrote that line before visiting their website which makes the same statement.) As per the group's website "The Honor Connor Run honors the life of Connor Gage, a 15-year old freshman, who died tragically at a lake birthday party in 2012. Connor is a wonderful son, brother and friend, who is greatly missed. He's known for his big smile and his love of running. Connor loved to golf, hang out with friends, play chess, wakeboard on the lake, travel. In a nutshell, Connor lived BUOYANTLY. The LV Project was founded by the Gage family to help others LiVe buoyantly, too."

Award Winners Over the past five years they have touched and enriched the lives of thousands of individuals at home and abroad. Their foundation also strives to help prevent drowning accidents by increasing awareness of the risks involved in water related activities. At Saturday's race participants donned life jackets for an aerial photograph as they tried to enter the Guinness book of records for the photo of the largest number of people wearing life vests. No word yet on whether they reached this goal...

Honor Connor is an incredibly well organized event that has something for everyone and always leaves runners looking forward to next year's event.

Photos courtesy of Fiona Green and Paul Starks.


Tracy’s 5k Against Melanoma

By Harry Hall

Jesus Lopez runs about 40-45 miles per week, and enjoys racing even though he doesn’t really train for any specific distance, although he says he does enjoy 15k to half-marathons.

That might not sound like a recipe for winning races, but he can claim a half-marathon PR of 1:28, which he set last October in McKinney.

Lopez It was also good enough for him to take first place in the 5th annual Tracy’s Run Against Melanoma 5K held on May 20 on Ft. Worth’s Trinity Trail near the Martin House Brewing Company.

Lopez took the lead almost from the start, winning in twenty-minutes, twenty-two seconds, easily outdistancing Christian Ovales’ 21:51.

“I felt good the whole race,” said Lopez, who works construction in Dallas, “but the wind bothered me a lot.”

For much of the race, the runners ran into a 20-25 mph north wind.

Although he’s happy with his victory, Lopez says he’s sticking to his laid-back training and racing program, saying, “I’m not sure of my next race.”

Women’s Race

Unlike Lopez, Emily Thompson trailed leader Elizabeth West until approximately a kilometer remaining. Thompson prevailed with 26:32, with West close behind, 26:56.

West “I was surprised to get this win,” said Thompson, “I stayed on Elizabeth until late. The wind didn’t really bother me.”

Thompson doesn’t really run a lot. She’s an active member of Camp Gladiator training near her home in North Richland Hills.

“I do the boot camp five days a week,” she says, “it involves more strength, body resistance and power lifting. I run five miles on Saturday. I take Sunday off.”

For her part, West was happy with her runner-up spot.

“I just wanted to win my age group,” which she did.

Thompson is gearing up for the 12 mile Tough Mudder Run in Dallas September 30-October 1. In addition to the distance, the race requires the participants to beat approximately 25 obstacles.

Photos courtesy of Harry Hall.


Buffalo Boogie Celebrates 25 Years

By Fiona Green

Boys It was a very close finish at Saturday's 25th annual Buffalo Boogie 10k and that's exactly how 16 year old friends, Jordan Gledhill and Paul Anderson, had planned it.

Hannah Marion Gledhill took the overall title in 35:46 with Anderson finishing just 2 seconds later. Given the mile long incline at the end of the course these were pretty impressive times. The two athletes who are students at Liberty Christian High school in Argyle, train together on a daily basis and motivate one another to excel. They have just finished their track season and will soon be starting cross-country training which will increase their weekly mileage from 50 miles to around 60. Both gave credit to the excellent staff at their school who make sure they stay in top physical shape so they can realize their potential. Gledhill can also thank his father for passing on his speed genes as he once held the Michigan state record in the 800m. The next race for Gledhill and Anderson will be the Honor Connor 5k in NRH next weekend.

Twenty-nine year-old Hannah Marion took the female overall title, finishing in 43:02, almost 30 seconds ahead of runner up, 36 year old Stephanie Allen. Marion, Communication Director for Blue Print consulting group, currently trains around 30 miles per week and is thrilled that she is now running injury free after suffering some setbacks over the past couple of years. Two years ago she qualified for Boston but was unable to run due to injury. She and her mother still made the trip to Boston but she admitted it was tough to watch other runners live out their dream while she stood on the sidelines. She is thankful to have found a therapist offering ART, which has made a huge difference in her running.

Photos courtesy of Fiona Green.


Playtri's Cinco de Mayo Event Offers Ideal Race conditions and Shopping Opportunity

By Fiona Green

Aaron Emerich In contrast to the wind that greeted runners last weekend, conditions at area races were perfect this Saturday, May 6, with no wind and the temperature at race start in the 60s. The Playtri Cinco de Mayo Run, Walk and Roll 5k and 10k in McKinney offered athletes a relatively flat course which included a section on trails through Craig Ranch.

The event raised money for the Neuro Assistance Foundation which is dedicated to assisting spinal cord injured and disabled people in the community by providing mobility equipment, vehicle modifications, home modifications and technology. Both the 5k and 10k were preceded by a handcycle event which allowed runners and athletes participating in the handcycle division to offer one another words of encouragement throughout the race.

Andrea Bohmfalk and family Winning the male division in the 10k running event was 43 year old Aaron Emerich of Mckinney who ran a speedy 38:22, just 2 seconds ahead of Masters runner, Franco Froylan Jiminez. Emerich was happy with his win and mentioned that this might be his last race until the fall. In the past few weeks he has participated in several longer distance events and feels his body is ready to rest and recharge.

It was also a close race on the female side between Miko (Elizabeth) Anderson and Andrea Bohmfalk. The two took turns leading throughout the race with 32 year old Bohmfalk eventually pushing ahead to win in 44:37, just 4 seconds ahead of Anderson. Like Emerich, Bohmfalk enjoys longer distance races, particularly the half marathon for which she has a PR of 1:38. This was actually her first attempt at the 10k distance. She manages to balance running with raising 4 children who range in age from 1 to 7. Her husband's supportive role was easy to see from his T-shirt which read "0.0. Somebody's got to watch the kids."

Saturday's event started and finished at the Playtri store which offers a wide range of apparel and equipment for runners and triathletes. Following the race several runners (myself included), looking to reward themselves for their performance, took advantage of a sale on merchandise.

Photos courtesy of Fiona Green.


Dallas Cowboys Draft Day 5k

By Harry Hall

Men’s Race

Tomas Moreno loves football, and especially the Dallas Cowboys. And that was motivation enough for the thirty-four-year old to join three friends to make a two-hour trek from Longview, TX to Frisco, Texas and run in the April 29 inaugural Dallas Cowboys Draft Day 5K.

He made it a worthwhile trip as he won the race in sixteen minutes, twenty-eight seconds, well ahead of early leader Clint Bell, who finished in 16:59.

“I passed him about a mile and a quarter,” said Moreno, “but I was hoping to break 16 minutes.”

All of the runners faced temps in the low 80’s and a stiff wind that seemed to swirl around the course, which was held at the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters.

Moreno and his three companions are part of Longview’s Animals Running Club.

In addition to training together, the group organizes weekend racing trips. This year, the group will travel to the June 18 Banff Marathon in Alberta, Canada.

“I’m shooting for 2:45,” says Moreno, “my PR is 2:51, but to prepare I’ve been doing lots of ultra-races, 100ks, 100-milers and 50 mile races.”

Women’s Race

Two road races; two victories.

That’s what Angela Moore has done this spring. On March 18, the 21-year old University of Dallas student placed first overall in the Dallas Rock n Roll 5k with a nearly one minute PR of 19:41. Then followed that with another PR of 19:09 in winning the Draft Day 5K.

However, she had to battle the same windy conditions as all the other 1,500 runners, and felt the wind

“I thought I could run around 18:30-18:40,” she said.

Unlike her male counterpart, Moore stormed to an early lead, and built it through the race, putting her well ahead of runner-up, Lauren Smith of Frisco.

That tempered her enthusiasm for her PR, although later she added, “Under these circumstances, I should be pretty happy about this.”

The incoming senior says she will continue training though the summer in preparation for the fall cross-country season.

The pre-and post-race highlights included appearances by Dallas Cowboys, the cheerleaders, a live feed from the NFL Draft, and lots of post-race activities for families.


Perfect Race Conditions in Keller for Heels and Hills and Him

By Fiona Green

Zac Sartin The Heels and Hills and Him event held in Keller on Sunday, April 23, was a huge success with over 500 runners showing up to pound the pavement for 5k, 10k or 15k. Conditions were perfect - cool and wind-free, the type of morning every runner dreams of.

The race starts were staggered to avoid congestion on the trails with the 15k runners starting at 8 a.m., the 10k starting 10 minutes later and the 5k shortly after that. The 10k overall winner was 36 year old triathlete, Zac Sartin of Roanoke, who covered the course in 44:04. Sartin is a real estate investor and part time single father who juggles his busy schedule to train for half marathons and half ironman events. His 10K PR is an impressive 37:40. Sartin's diet is a key component in keeping him strong. Despite his slim physique he explained he consumes 'tons of fat' to teach his body to use it as fuel. His future goals include running a 3 hour marathon and competing in the world championship Ironman.

Fiona and Rhonda I was unable to speak with the winners of the 5k and 15k but did speak with some other impressive runners. 53 year-old Rhonda Foulds not only ran the Boston marathon on Monday, but also completed a half marathon the day before her Sunday 10k. She wondered why her legs felt heavy at the start of the race then remembered the two races she had already completed in the past few days! The Jenkins family from Midlothian made an impressive showing as all three finished in the top 10 in the 5k. This was the 3rd race of the weekend for 42 year old Jace and his sons, 10 year old Grady, and 8 year old Graham. Jace clocked 21:23 while Grady and Graham finished in 22:59 and 23:20 respectively.

Dallas Athletes' event organizer, Janet Dixon, mentioned that Keller is becoming a popular location for races as city council members are very receptive to hosting sporting events in the area. She explained that she had received feedback from many local runners who appreciated the opportunity to race close to home without having to travel to Dallas or Fort Worth. Over the past 16 years Dallas Athletes has donated over $500,000 to charity. Their next big event, the WW Military Miles Half, 10k and 5k, will take place on Sunday, June 8, in Irving.

Photos courtesy of Colleen Filak.


Ultra Expeditions Wild Canyon Ultra

By HB Wise

Start A significant temperature drop from the day before made the Wild Canyon Ultra much cooler than some of the participants expected. There were two starts for the four distances that were run. The 100k and 50k runners started at 7 AM with the sun just peaking over the horizon. Eight AM saw the larger group running the 25k and 10k distances.

View All of the runners were treated to stunning views of the Caprock Canyon State Park as they dropped into the canyon within the first half mile. The run also offered a chance to greet some of the local wildlife including the parks bison and prairie dogs. Located just north of Quitaque, Texas the park is home to the Texas State Bison Herd, and is the state's largest herd.

The finishing times ranged from just under an hour for the 10k to 20 hours 16 minutes for the 100k. Robin Phelps and Bryan McKenney were the top female and male finishers in the 100k with a time of 13:49:37. We are just guessing but they probably ran together! While listed as DNF for missing the time cutoff, Wid Keeling finished all four laps of the 100k in 20:16:32. The 100k was the only distance with DNF's as only four runners were able to complete the four laps in the allotted time.

BisonPrairie Dogs Of the 22 starters in the 50k Caleb Denton finished first overall with a time of 3:59:16. Peggy LeGrand was the first overall female at 5:17:58. Trent Early took top honors in the 25k with a time of 2:30:24 and the overall female was Angi Velasquez at 3:07:52. In the 10k the top two male finishers were Geoff Richards 59:27 and his son, Wynton, at 1:08:02. The overall female honors went to Rosa Elizondo at 1:18:25.

Local DFW runner Vijayan Nair was one of the runners surprised by the weather. He was in Lubbock for work and decided to sign up for the run at the last minute. He was underdressed for the 45 degree temperature, but thought he would be OK once he started running. It must have worked out as he took third overall in the 10k with a time of 1:11:54.


Acton Nature Run

By Gary Pulver

Kristyn Langdon Cool and cloudy skies were certainly welcome at the 9th annual Acton Nature 5K Run in Acton, Texas, just outside of Granbury. The race started and ended at Revolver Brewing and participants received a souvenir Revolver glass filled with a complimentary beer after crossing the finish line. The race attracted some fast runners, families, walking couples, and many local participants.

David and Matthew The race was an out and back so I was able to view all of the faster runners as they headed toward home after the turnaround. The male winner clearly outdistanced his competition. He was 18 year old Dylan Goosen who finished in 17:34. Following him were 33 year old Walters Morrison in 19:52 and 42 year old Matthew Mills in 20:00. Matthew was also the Male Masters Champion. 34 year old Kristyn Langdon paced the ladies in 21:17. I noticed when I saw her at what was about the two mile point that she overcame a sizable lead in the second half of the race. 17 year old Tara Lynne was second in 21:32 and 30 year old Cameron Martin was 3rd in 22:06. The female masters winner was 46 year old Gina Mordica who finished in 22:58.

Stroller Prizes were advertised as medals for the age groups and "trophies" for the overall and masters champions. As you can see in the photos, their trophy was a very cool orange Yeti like beverage container. Yours truly had some stiff competition in the 65-69 age group and finished in 4th place out of nine entrants.

Pictured are Kristyn Langdon proudly displaying her trophy, 55 year old David Holtsford who finished first in the 55-59 age group in 21:25 with Matthew Mills holding his trophy, and Matt Stasiek, 42 year old with his stroller and two daughters that started out in the second wave and managed an incredible time of 22:35 pushing that stroller for second place in his age group.


Oral Cancer 5k

By Harry Hall

Dominic Bugarin could have enjoyed Saturday off. He'd just completed a long and successful track season for Springtown Middle School, where the 14- year old eighth grader had won all of his pre-district races ranging from the 1600 to 2400 meter.

Bugarin and Collins But his parents asked him to run in the Oral Cancer Run/Walk held Saturday, April 15 at Dallas' Bachman Lake.

The incoming freshman joined in and took advantage of the situation by winning the event in an unofficial time of twenty-two minutes, fifty-eight seconds (No official times were recorded).

T-Shirt Back Dominic is one of the more active youths you will see, as in addition to track, he competes in football, basketball, and cross-country.

"This was my first road race, and my first 5k," he said after his victory, "I just wanted to come out and run. I felt good the whole way."

Run he did, taking charge from the beginning, and coasting to an easy victory.

He understands the challenges he will face next year competing at a high school level.

"I plan on running almost every day with some of my teammates this summer," he says.


T-Shirt Back Heather Collins doesn't train a lot, only a few miles three or four times a week, but her regimen was enough to win first place in an unofficial time of 27:40.

The 26-year old ran the 800 and 1600 for Stuttgart High School in Stuttgart, Arkansas. While her training is limited, she says, "I'll always maintain some type of running program."

When she graduates from Dallas' Concorde Dental Hygienist in December, she plans on moving back to her native Arkansas, where her husband Hunter will have already begun taking classes at the University of Arkansas.

Hunter, who placed second overall is currently serving in the Army at Ft. Hood. He gets out in the fall, and will move to Fayetteville, where he will study civil engineering. He also plans on signing up for the reserves.


Blue Bolt 5K/10K Color Run

By Gary Pulver

Clear, windy skies greeted runners on Saturday for the third annual Blue Bolt Color Run in Granbury. The race, run by Paluxy River Children's Advocacy Center, gets more popular every year. Volunteers were many and spirited. Runners were fast on the newer route which started out on some back streets off of Hewitt Park rather than the main road leading into the Granbury Square as it had in the prior two years.

Gary Pulver First in his age group The one mile color fun run was first and thanks to the fire department, the kids in this race were already colored from head to toe before starting their run. The 10K start followed and the 5K was ten minutes after the 10K start. The races went through some lovely shaded neighborhoods and also traveled the trails of Granbury parks.

25 year old Cameron Singleton clearly outdistanced the field in the 10K finishing in 37:41. Official results list an unknown runner in second and I heard this number called many times for the person to identify themselves. Perhaps this runner just does not wish to be included in the medals. At any result, behind this unknown runner was 46 year old Mike Leach who finished in 42:36. Some middle age lady runners outclassed the 10K field with Gina Mordica, 46, finishing in 46:20, JoAnn Galindo, 42, in 50:56, and Lupe Cocita, 50, in 51:38.

Running Bear Running Club Youth was served quite a bit more in the 5K as the lady winners were 22 year old Audrey Shelton in 21:33, followed by 27 year old Karissa Hunter in 23:01 and 32 year old LeeAnn Tarpley in 24:25. For the men, 17 year old Brandon Hutto finished in 18:47 followed by a pair of 30 year olds, Jeff Chalifoux in 19:19 and Alex Baker in 20:50.

Pedestals were set up for the medal presentations and this 69 year old (who finished first in the 65-69 year old division) surprised the crowd by climbing effortlessly to the top of the podium after receiving his medal. He related that he does not come in first that often so was not going to pass up this opportunity. The 2nd place finisher in this age group was not going to try the climb until seeing me but he made it. Pictured is yours truly on the podium and six members of the Running Bear Running Club who represented the club well. You can see Gina Mordica, number 689. Kudos again to all of the volunteers with special recognition to the High School ROTC students who accompanied some of the final runners across the finish line (as they did for me two years ago).


Fast Times at the Hot Diggity Dog Jog

By Fiona Green

Keaton Forsyth The Hot Diggity Dog Jog 5k and 1 mile fun run held on Saturday, April 1, were just two of several activities organized by Turtle Creek Veterinary Clinic in Greenville to promote awareness of canine cancer. Runners had a few incentives to motivate them with the top male and female being awarded a Fitbit. As an event sponsor had provided a 3rd Fitbit this was awarded to the top runner over 40. Needless to say this was won by a a male runner. This is not a complaint, merely an observation.. It seems lately the fast guys are getting all the perks while the women are left suffering from 'chopped liver syndrome'... As an added incentive, the top male and female runners covering the course with their dog, were awarded 6 months of free dog food, courtesy of Royal Canin.

Afton Noon There was a battle for the overall spot with 17 year old Keaton Forsyth of Royse City finishing a hair ahead of 27 year old personal trainer, Aftan Noon, who ran the course with her dog, Jade. Jade, a Pit/ Pointer mix, showed up out of the blue one day when Noon's husband, a track coach at Commerce A&M University, was out for a run. As attempts to find her owner were in vain, the couple decided to keep her. Noon, who has a 5K PR of 17:13, hopes to drop her time to the 16:30 range and is currently looking for an agent who can help her realize her goal of taking her running to the next level.

Race times on Saturday were particularly fast due to a course mix-up which effectively reduced the distance from 3.1 miles to 2.75 miles. Forsyth and Noon clocked 16:04:04 and 16:04:05 respectively. If Noon had pinned her race bib onto Jade's harness that probably would have given the duo the edge!


Music Miles 5k

By Fiona Green

The Music Miles 5k in Keller on Saturday, March 25, attracted a far larger crowd than organizers had anticipated. Almost 800 runners, many of them high schoolers, lined up in front of City Hall to run the race which featured live entertainment by bands from several area high schools. Surprisingly, it wasn't a high school runner who topped the field but a father of one of the students who confessed he rarely ever races. Johnson Aranda Seeing him at the start line, however, there was no question that he would be a contender. 40 year old Johnson Aranda is lean, fast looking, and he also happens to be Kenyan! Aranda, who covered the course in 18:21, has lived in the area for several years and frequently runs in his neighborhood, usually logging between 6 and 15 miles. It never occurred to him to race, however, until he heard about the Music Miles 5K, an event which benefits local high school bands including the one in which his son plays. When asked if he had considered adopting a training program he laughed, explaining that, at 40 years of age, he considers himself old. I quickly explained that 40 is not old and is the time when some runners actually peak! Hopefully we will see more of Aranda in the months to come.

Race organizers recognized the top 3 runners in the race and these individuals were awarded prizes. Unfortunately the top females were not recognized and were simply given age group awards. This was presumably an oversight by the organizers who were unaware that it is the norm to recognize the top females as well as the top males in amateur and professional sporting events. Hopefully things will be different next year.


Paint The Campus Purple

By Harry Hall

Connor Wilkins says he doesn't train much. He rarely races, but he did compete at the March 25 Paint the Campus Purple held at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Funds from the race went to the Safe Haven of Tarrant County Women's Shelter and the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation.

Wilkins covered the 5k in nineteen minutes, seven seconds.

The 24 year old says his last race was here a year ago, when he said, "I won my age-group, but someone beat me."

They didn't today. Wilkins stayed with the pack for two miles, but said, "The pace was slow, and I pulled away the last mile."

Wilkins competed for the TCU track team and earned a scholarship after graduating from Shawnee Mission High School in Kansas, where he ran a 47 second 400 and a 1:54 800. As with many long sprinters, he moved up in distance where he eventually ran a 4:12 mile for the Horned Frogs.

He graduated a couple of years ago, and now he's working on a post-graduate accounting degree at UTA.

Despite his easy victory, Wilkins says he's unlikely to become a frequent presence on the area road race scene. "I was just looking for a fun run, and support my friends with Alpha Chi Omega."

Women's Race

Maddie Bennett doesn't sit still much. She can't afford it. She teaches Physical Education at Arlington's Workman Middle School, where she maintains a typical middle school coaching schedule: cross-country, track, volleyball, and basketball.

But the 22- year-old still manages to get in some personal workout time as evidenced by her 24:42 victory.

Latching on to Benji Mathew early in the race, the two maintained a consistent pace through the race.

"No one passed us the whole race," she said, "I was surprised I won."

Her amateur athletic plans are up in the air right now, although she says she actually prefers cycling and is shooting to ride in the August Hotter 'n Hell Race in Wichita Falls.

Like her male counterpart, she came to support Alpha Chi Omega, of which she was a member before she graduated from UTA last year with a degree in Kinesiology and Pedagogy.

After the race, she headed to nearby Sam Houston High School, where her seventh grade track team was competing later that day.


Press Release

CRC columnist Harry Hall will be signing his book at The Runner Shop in Pantego on March 23rd from 6-7 PM. Read More.


Book Review -- Marathon Man

Gary Pulver, who writes one of the columns for Clines Running Corner will begin reviewing books and plans to have a review about every other month. Marathon Man is a fascinating look at Bill Rodgers, one of the world's greatest runners. Read the review.

Path To Wellness

Dr. Lauren Letz and her team, Dr. Darcy Goode and Dr. Andrea Roberts, has worked with many of Fort Worth's top runners. Path To Wellness Chiropractic was established in 2008 and is the title sponsor of the Fort Worth Runners Club and the Cox Racing Series. Path to Wellness Chiropractic was established with runners in mind. To fulfill all the needs of runners, we have created a full-service clinic offering spinal and extremity adjustments, spinal decompression, trigger point dry needling, cold laser therapy, active rehabilitation, nutritional counseling, foot orthotics, kinesio taping, and much more.

Dr. Lauren and her team take great pride in their ability to focus on the patients' needs. They work diligently to not only relieve a runner's current problems but also create a healthy environment so future spinal or extremity issues do not arise.

Kim Andres Painting

Paintings by Kim Andres. Looking for a watercolor like this one? Do you want one of your own, of you, a loved one, or a pet? Contact Kim for more information.

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A full-service race event timing and production company based in Fort Worth. ChampionChip or Chronotrack (D-Tag) timing technology for quick and accurate results. Before choosing a timing company, please talk to us and compare our competitive pricing. Visit our web site for more information.

cox running club logo

The Cox Running Club was announced at the 2012 Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon in and 5K. By joining, members will enjoy many benefits. Among them include workouts and activities, discounts at running stores and at races. A Training Tuesday is scheduled each Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the TCU track. There also are a kids series and quarterly races. Demery and Ricky Cox time and conduct several area events and have conducted the Trinity 5000 Summer Series for many years. Visit the website for more information.

Tom Martin

After working over 25 years in software engineering with a degree in Business, Tom Martin was suddenly struck down with heart failure. While he was told he would need a heart transplant, he was not told what had caused the heart failure. Without any chronic illness in his past, the medical teams had no answers. He could not imagine agreeing to have his heart cut out without knowing why this all was happening.
He began a search for answers in the holistic community, reading studies and reports by medical doctors (MDs), Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs), Research scientists and naturopaths. With the help of an integrative doctor in Newport Beach, California and after being given odds of only one percent that his heart could heal, it did, in fact, heal.
Taking what he learned over a seven year period, he began writing books, posting blogs, speaking to groups and counseling people with chronic illness as to alternative health options. One Percent Health is the first of 11 books on a variety of health issues he has currently written. Visit for more information.

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Race directors: Shirts for your race.

Growing up in a family of runners and being involved with the Fort Worth Runners Club and local running community, we've built up quite a collection of race shirts in recent years. With that being said, at CSP, we've come to know what runners want in a shirt. With over 12 years of Screen Printing experience we are ready to implement that knowledge on your next event order. Specializing in up to 4-color screen printing, your race shirt will stand out from all of the rest. We've got all colors from white to vibrant, as well as cotton to moisture wicking. No matter if your design is simple or complex, we've got an expert artist on staff ready to work on your next design. At CSP we feel rushing orders is a recipe for disaster so we do require a 7 business day time frame to ensure your order is printed correctly. Orders start from as small as a dozen pieces to as large as 1,000. For more information or a quote, please visit

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Add some spark to your running with an Advocare product. These products are formulated by an elite Scientific and Medical Advisory Board with experience in pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition, sports performance and pediatrics. Go to the website and start increasing your energy.

 Ainsleys Angles

In addition to ensuring everyone can experience endurance events, Ainsley's Angels of America aims to build awareness about America's special needs community through inclusion in all aspects of life. Serving as advocates to providing education and participating as active members in local communities, we believe everyone deserves to be included. See the website for information and to email Trish Robinson.

cox racing services

COX RACING SERVICES provides Chip Timing, Pull Tag Electronic Timing and Complete Race Setup for all road races ranging from 1K to Ultra Marathon distances. We have more than 25 years of race managing and directing experience. We are dedicated to promoting health and fitness in communities. With our vast running and timing experience, COX RACING SERVICES is a viable option. See the website for information about the services.

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Runners, visit Movin' Pictures for a picture of you in action. Race directors contact us to learn how we can help you add value to your event for your participants.

Harry Hall

In late 2014, Hall completed a 12 year project when he released, The Pedestriennes, America's Forgotten Superstars, the first book ever written about the professional female endurance walkers who from 1876-1881, dazzled America with their on and off track exploits. It's won three national writing awards and included it on its list of, "Greatest Running Books." It's also been turned into a screenplay. Both books are available at and for more information.

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The Fort Worth Runners Club (FWRC) is a non-profit community organization that promotes running, walking and fitness activities for better health. The FWRC welcomes everyone, at all levels of athletic ability. The FWRC conducts races throughout the year where members may participate, either competitively or recreationally at a low cost. Visit for more information.