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Masters runner, teen win Watermelon 5K

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lisa miller

Lisa Miller, 15, won the FWRC's Watermelon 5K women's overall title with her road-race PR of 20:12 on Sunday (Aug. 19). Lisa, a sophomore at Mansfield High School, began running in seventh grade at her dad's urging, and said she became more serious about running last season. She's honing for the upcoming track/cross country season. Her other two road races were a 5K and 8K. She said her previous 5K time was 21 minutes-plus.


dave groombridge

Dave Groombridge, who moved here about five years ago from the United Kingdom, won the FWRC's Watermelon 5K with a 17:16. Dave, an engineer at Lockheed, said he didn't begin running ``a lot'' until after his move, but has since logged three marathons among his many races. He turned 40 three weeks ago to move into the masters division, too. He said he began running as ``just something to do. I signed up with a Luke's group and just found something I was very good at. He has a 16:40 5K personal best and a 2:59 marathon PR, which he ran in the 2005 Cowtown. He also has run White Rock and Boston.


melon head
dropped melon



Fun with the melons

After the 5K, several participants chose their teammate and drew for watermelons to run the 1-mile relay. Each member of the teams had to carry their watermelon a half-mile. It appeared all but one watermelon survived without being dropped (or eaten). After the relay, the melons were cut and served as a post-race treat. And regarding the top picture to the left: Is that a melon head or what? And one melon didn't make it intact. Eaten or dropped?