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Record crowd enjoys perfect morning at Bold In the Cold

By Charles Clines

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ken hall
Ken Hall
fiona green
Fiona Green
connor adams
Connor Adams
colleen casey
Colleen Casey

It was such a perfect morning for running that more than 1,000 registered for the 12th annual LGRAW Bold In The Cold 15K and 5K in Grapevine on Saturday (Jan. 23). It was so perfect that Ken Hall of Colleyville believed he could set a personal best in the 15K. And through about eight miles of the 9.3-mile race, he was on target to do so. Then his stomach started cramping. He slowed more than he had thought the last mile and his PR goal, well it will have to wait for another time.

``I knew I slowed down, but not that much,'' said Hall, 45, who finished in 55:09, which was 11 seconds slower than his effort last year when he won the masters title. But last year, the temperature was barely in the mid-30s. This year, it was in the mid-50s and there was no wind, in other words, a near perfect running day. Ken's PR is 54:38. ``I was averaging about 5:45 a mile and was on target, and then I ran about 6:40 the last mile.''

(Because I had to leave early, I wasn't at the awards, but a runner said it was announced the ninth mile was .14 miles too long because of a turnaround that was not set correctly, so maybe Ken would have set that PR after all.)

Fiona Green, 45, of Keller made it a masters sweep of the overall 15K titles as she won the female division in 1:06:42.8, overtaking an apparently injured Wendy Ragle at about the six-mile mark. ``She was tying her shoe laces when I passed her,'' said Fiona, who won her third consecutive title in the event. (It was later reported that Wendy was using the 15K to log a 6-mile tempo run, and wasn't injured.) Ragle won the RRCA 15K Texas Championship at the Fort Worth Runners Club's Labor Day run last year in 58:06. It was Fiona's third consecutive time to win the women's 15K. Fiona was pleasantly surprised she won because she hadn't been competing in long distance events lately. Fiona has recently raised her mileage and is planning to run the Lake Benbook Half Marathon on Jan. 30 as part of her preparation for a half marathon in Scotland in April.

In the 5K, Connor Adams, a senior at Flower Mound High School, won his second consecutive male title with a 16:23, though his time was more than a minute slower than his PR. ``The course gets congested,'' he said of the out-and-back course. ``But I knew what to expect.''

Women's 5K winner Colleen Casey of Grapevine was pleased with her victory after posting an 18:38, but her time was a little slower than usual. She said of upcoming events that she might run the Cowtown 10K, and wants to begin focusing on a marathon in December.


LGRAW Bold In The Cold 15K, 5K, Jan. 23, 2010

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