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Running with dad adds to fun

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Race director Michael Polansky and his Run Time Racing Services partner Rocky Higginbotham noticed there were few races on Dad's Day weekend, so they scheduled the first Run For Dad's 5K in Fort Worth on June 16.

running with dad

Looking up to dad at the Run For Dad 5K

Not only were they trying to offer something for runners and to honor dads, Michael said they also were trying to bring back some of the Hit The Bricks point-to-point course. That race was moved this year from its previous route that featured a run down the brick-paved Camp Bowie Blvd. and then down Lancaster in the Cultural District to finish on the track inside Farrington Field.

This course began at Sanquinet Park and finished at Fred's Texas Cafe. The route, which also included the brick-paved Camp Bowie and Lancaster, is mostly downhill, and as was usual at Hit the Bricks, several runners posted some of their faster times.

Fortunately, too, a heavy rain storm that moved through early Saturday morning had moved on by race time, leaving behind some cooler temperatures under an overcast sky.

Winning the men's race was Jerry Johnson of Fort Worth won in 17:46.1. Megan Williams of Waxachie won the women's title in 19:41.3.

``Our first thought (about scheduling the race) was that the running community missed the old Hit The Bricks course,'' Michael said. ``We've been thinking about how to bring that back....So, we said let's do a run for dad, let's incorporate as much of the Hit The Bricks course as we can, and finish at Fred's (where pancakes and sausages were served after the run) for the ambience.''

Besides the food, there was a live band to entertain the participants.

Also, there were some special shirts available for sponsors that had their dad's name printed on the back.