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Side Trips will include news from running clubs, individual achievements and notes from area road races. Please feel free to submit notes to be included on the page by e-mailing the information to


race reports


Plano Pacers add to Hall of Fame

In 2009, the Plano Pacers Running Club established a Hall of Fame to recognize those individuals who have made significant contributions to the club. The club is inducting three new members into its Hall of Fame in 2013. Rio King, Sue Padden, and Cary Sherf will be recognized immediately before the club’s 3K and 8K Hall of Fame Races on April 27. The presentations will be made at 7:50 a.m. at the Bob Woodruff Park pavilion in Plano. The club was formed in 1978 by the City of Plano Parks and Recreation Department and a group of local runners to promote fun and fitness through distance running. The club has successfully operated as a family-oriented organization for over three decades. Many individuals have contributed to the growth and success of the club. Read more about the club and its Hall of Fame members.


Spareribs reveals scrambled names

Spareribs LaMothe, dedicated runner who writes entertaining and informative articles for Debbie Fetterman's blog, has had a contest going that challenged runners to unscramble letters of a person's name to figure out the name.

I'll admit that I didn't get them all, and only one person --Natalie Merrill -- did. So, to spare me and you more agony, Spareribs has listed the unscrambled names: Kim T. has a kazoo = Thomas Okazaki; In a hot leash = Sheila Natho; Maurie can’t recover = Martina Crevecouer; Gal ate T-shirt = Teel Tishgart; Rob is a sinner = Sabine Norris; I cop no kilt = Nick Polito; Rangy Rik = Kiran Gyr; Her Man’s no gal = Logan Sherman; Tony Rib Bone = Byron Benoit; Hear Len char = Rachel Hearn.

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Share your race experiences -- good, bad or ugly

Runners, like golfers, usually like to relive their greatest and sometimes not so greatest moments. Most have some interesting stories and experiences that need to be shared. Or maybe there is a favorite race that others should know about and you'd like to spread the word. So do it. Tell your tale on this form. Include some pictures if you want. So, what could be easier except for having me write it for you? If it takes more than one form to complete the report, just number each submission as Page 1, Page 2, etc.. Thanks, Charles Clines. Visit the Favorite or Interesting Event Reports.