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2011 Archives

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Running Events, Features


Teens dominate Jog'r Egg Nog'r   Fast Times at Dallas Jingle Bell Run    Just for Heck of It winners turn to endurance runs

58-year-old Jenkins wins KwanzaaFest  Lots of Santas, but no record  Chilly weather, hot times for Tropical 10 and Hawaiian 5K

High school relay team rallies to beat White Rock winner  White Rock registration has Hawaiian theme 

Frances McKissick bouncing back by winning Winter Run 10K   Mayor's Race promotes healthy lifestyle

Mayor's Race kicks off White Rock    Road Rage team ready to Rock 'N Roll


Jody Hawkins makes comeback at Arlington Turkey Trot and other Thanksgiving Day runs    Thanksgiving Day photos

Masters rise to the top    Coyote Chase has best turnout    Runners use Mote 'n Motion as test

Youngsters lead way at Keller Pointe Classic    DRC Half winner eyes first marathon   Record turnout for breezy Fort Worth Marathon


Kemps haul off awards at Run, Walk, Roll   

Kirwa wins inaugural 13.1 in Dallas    Teen, Masters runner take RRCA titles at Double Trouble    Big losers win big at Honored Hero

Clark Gardens half posed challenge    C.A.L.F. and Trinity Trot merger helps both     D.O. Dash winners go longer to win


Runners go fast to reach the suds at Rahr

Two popular runners no longer with us    Tour des Fleurs leads big day for runs     11-year-old girl wins female title at Get Healthy

Females dominate at Communities Against Crime    After horrific assault, teen spreads message to female runners/walkers

A year after winning and then proposing at tthe Spur On Trail Driver, Miles Krupp ready for marriage

Seniors strut their stuff at Labor of Love      Cool weather and new RRCA champs at FWRC Labor Day Run

Bonus Trinity 5000 held in the morning    Shackled to training pays off for runner at Kolache 5000


Wrong turn cost runner at God's Hand & Feet in the World 5K     Competition stiff among among five octogenarians at August Gusto

50-year-old wins Book It For Leteracy    Runners practice watermelon getaways at FWRC event     Trinity Trails are safer

Teens dominate Hot Dog Trot


Independence 5000 gets off to hot start     Firecracker 5000 enjoys record crowd     Long distance runners win Soles For Souls


Wounded Warror Half near perfect   Bell, Angeles double up at Millet Mile     3 Amigos celebrates 19th year

Second Run The Rails shows growth    Cook, Arthur win xSIGHTment cash     Females win overall titles


Bill Berenson finds perfect venue for 19th BQ

Fireman's Run titles won by teens    First Heritage Run a Big Hit    FWRC Memorial Run honors troops

Students dominate at Dash To Celebration     Run For Sarah draws a fast crowd     Strut Your Stuff a cozy event

Thunderstorms didn't dampen Hills and Heels Half Marathon turnout     Roles reversed at Buffalo Boogie


A return to Scotland to race in kilts

Winning in a breeze at Run For The Riders   Race For Grace winners not typical runners     One way to gain runners' high

Masters runners have big day on April 16   It pays to be perpared for the Bataan Memorial Death March marathon

Gaits analyzed and burgers served at Luke's   Studer adds Big D title; mud run was, well, muddy

Tal Morrison scholarships awarded after DRC's Tal Morrison run

Run To The House offered kilomter splits    Older runners shine in DRC age-handicapped race


Melisa Cook, Carlos Gomez collect cash at Rock 'n' Roll Dallas Half Marathon

White Rock presents largest check ever to hospital    Montes repeats at sunny, growing Joe's Run

Cooks earn $550 at Dash Down Greenville     Rookie wins at Impossible Possibilities St. Patrick's Run

Area runners win division and take second overall at Texas Independence Relay

Runners of Year selections among those to receive awards at FWRC post-Cowtown celebration


Cowtown enjoys two-day stretch with mostly new winners

Razo skipped defending Cowtown Ultra title for the half marathon      Runners like Cowtown's new venue 

Inaugural Tortoise Trot basks in nice weather     Haltom Stampede celebrates 25th anniversary; snow memories


First-timers win Lake Benbrook Half Marathon    Megan Skeels leads D-FW runners in Houston

Newcomer wins MLK 5K   Unusually ''warm'' for Lake Benbrook, Texas Half and Fillie Trot 

Brothers dominate at Bold in the Cold    Birthday surprise at Bold in the Cold     Lutz raised bar for 5K

Fort Worth-Dallas runners start the New Year on the roads    Cold, bubbly start for 2011    Super Bowl Run had added drama

December 2010: Putting a cap on 2010 at New Year's Eve Run


Runners in the Spotlight 2010-2011

Joe Beisner     Laura Nelson    Leana Sloan    Skeeter Hogue     Kelly Richards     Poksu Binger    Priscilla Reese    Ted Brewer

Dr. Thomas Kleuser    Linda Landrum   Phil Cisneros    Cathy Buchanan    Bill Berenson    Thomas (T.O.) Okazaki    Joe Boyle

Andrew and Melissa Cook    

Runners of the Year

CRC's 2010 Runners of the Year, Joe Beisner and Laura Nelson


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May 25, 2011   June 1, 2011     June 10, 2011     June 15, 2011     June 22, 2011     June 30, 2011     July 7, 2011

July 15, 2011    July 27, 2011    Aug. 7, 2011    Aug. 21, 2011    Aug. 28, 2011    Sept. 5, 2011     Sept. 16, 2011     Sept. 22, 2011

Sept. 29, 2011    Oct. 7, 2011    Oct. 9, 2011    Oct. 22, 2011


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