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This section will not be updated after March, 2013, because it has become redundant
to other pages on the website. The Cowtown reflections will remain.

Visit the Archives page for previous stories and features. Also, the Side Trips section has news added throughout the weeks.


 Cowtown reflections

By Danny Ogle

My first race ever was the Cowntown 10K in 1994. I had never run that far in my life. I loved the race and all the people. Everyone was having fun. I was hooked.

My best memory, though, was watching a man in his 60s, in a wheelchair, going backward, pushing with one foot crossing the finish line of the 10K.


By Greg Takacs

Last year's Cowtown was my second road race and I ran the 10K. I was almost 200 pounds and still coming down from 240, and ran a 45:42 -- a 7:21/mile pace. This year I'm running the full marathon distance at 165 pounds, my 5th marathon in 5 months and I will be the official pacer for the 3:20 group, a 7:38/mile pace. In 7 weeks in Boston I hope to break the magical 3:00 barrier.


By Anthony Cisneros

Having grown up back in the early 90’s and in the local running scene literally less than 5 minutes from the starting line, The Cowtown will always be special to me.

The one memory I'll never forget happens to be the one that remains most of a blur for me. I guess that’s why I hardly talk about it when the subject of marathoning comes up. In 1994, I was signed up to run the 10K. On race day morning, along with my parents, we all arrived at the Stockyards…it was a perfect morning for a run. While most of the old school crew that my parents hung out with were off doing their thing gearing up for the full marathon, I was off to the side taking everything in.

My emotions must have gotten the best of me that morning because before the start I changed my mind on a whim! I decided to try to run the full with my mom at her pace and finish it. I figured if I couldn’t make it, then I could just walk/run the rest of the way. I'd never run more than a 10K in my life at that point! I was going to try to do this while not being properly hydrated or fueled up! What was I thinking?!

Friends, I don't know if I was just plain young and dumb or just plain crazy or what but I made it! I remember making it to mile 12 with my mom and telling her that I couldn't run anymore. We stopped and talked about it for a few minutes and she encouraged that I could do it and to keep going on, but if I couldn't keep going then I could just wait for the sag wagon...thanks Mom! From that point on, the rest is kind of a blur. I can vaguely remember going up the Hulen bridge, running on White Settlement Rd. right past Angelo’s Barbecue and other various instances along the way. I also remember that it was very lonely those last 6 miles for some reason as well.

What I DO remember very clearly was how good it felt coming down that old finish line on Exchange Ave. and flying down the hill to the finish! I finished with a time of 4:44:??. Not bad for a 17-year-old who had never ran or trained for anything like that EVER!! I’m not that crazy this year though. I’ll stick to the Half. Good luck to ALL this year.


By Charles Clines

Because I don't keep records of my runs, I'm not sure what my time was in 1998 at the Cowtown Marathon, but it probably was somewhere around four hours because that's about the times I was posting then. But the run will always be special. How often are you asked by your daughter's boyfriend if it's OK if he asks her to marry him?

My daughter, Karen, and my soon-to-be son-in-law, Dustin, had been dating for quite awhile and I actually had inspired him to begin running. He already was quite an athlete because of his gymnastic background.

He had planned to join me for the last nine miles of the marathon and help push me to the finish. By then, of course, conversing with someone is not a high priority. He didn't immediately ask and when he did, I was in that "don't talk to me" state. During the last six miles of most of my marathons, I didn't want to be bothered or have someone urging me. I would have hurt them (if, of course, I had enough energy to do so). He asked me while not only was I in that state but my calves had begun cramping, which had never happened before in a marathon. When he asked, I would have agreed to almost anything just to end the conversation.

So, I guess I said OK because they did get married. After the race, though, I was undergoing a massage to try relieving the pain in my calves. It wasn't working. So, my son-in-law brought me a beer to help soothe the pain. Maybe it was then that I gave my approval.


By Michael Polansky

In 1979 my second marathon was the first Cowtown Marathon. The week of Cowtown was mild and sunny, but Friday evening that all changed. A cold front flew in and temps dropped into the teens and a sheet of ice blanketed the roads. You can see photos on my personal website