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2009-10 Fastest at Metroplex Road Races

This will be attempted to be updated each week, using times from Fort Worth-Dallas area races that are available on websites or sent to me via e-mail from race directors. If you've run a faster time in a D-FW race and it's not listed, please runnercontact the race director and have him or her e-mail me the results at If a person wins an Overall or Masters title, that time might or might not appear in the person's age-group ranking. It depends if the person's age is listed in the results. Some race results have no ages submitted in Overall, Masters and younger divisions, so some runners might not have their times recorded in their specific age division. Gun times will be used in the Overall and Masters divisions and those gun times will be used in the age divisions. Chip times, if available, will be used for all others in age-group divisions. Times will be rounded up in age-group divisions. For example, if a time is listed as 34:14.4, then the time will become 34:15. There is a Top Ten fastest times; fastest winning times for Overall and Masters; and age divisions will include 15 names. There will be no repeats in age divisions; a person's fastest time will be recorded. If a runner moves up to a different age division during the year, it's possible he or she could be listed in both divisions. The fastest list will run from May 1, 2009 to April 30, 2010. If there are names misspelled or times wrong, please e-mail for corrections.

Note: There are some races results that don't have ages listed, so some runners who are in overall, masters, younger and older age divisions might not be posted in their respective age division although they might have faster times than those who are listed. If that is the case, please e-mail and submit your age, race and time. If attending a road race where the timing is by a school or other organization, please request that they e-mail the results to this website. Every effort is made here to obtain results from all D-FW road races. Times were not used at the West Fork River Run and the Triumph Over Pain in the new listings because ages weren't listed.

Last updated: through Dec. 22, 2009. *Note: Running Down a Dream 5K wasn't included because several runners said the course was slightly short. Because of a storm, the Jogger 5K, No. 5 results were deemed not accurate, so those results won't count. ***Because Kimlimo Chemirmir ran off course during the race, his time will not officially count. His time will be removed on Dec. 1. Note: Because a couple of runs on Sept. 26 had 10-year age divisions and didn't supply ages for the participants, most of those results aren't included. If a runner believes he/she qualifies to be included in the fastest times, please e-mail your age, race and time. Note: *Several lead runners at the Ennis Polka Fest 5K ran a short course and the times were adjusted by adding two minutes. When a race does that, the times will not count. So, the runners who are listed from the Polka Fest (PF) will be listed, but be aware they will not be officially counted.



Fastest Top 10 Gun Times: Melissa Cook (DKOM9), 16:26; Liza Galvan (RFK9), 16:35.8; Jody Hawkins (DKOM9), 16:55; Melisa Christian (RFK9), 17:17; Amanda Lorenzen (MHR9), 17:37.97; Penny Jones (MR9), 17:52; Aly Nielson (DF9), 17:56.5; Dawn Charlier (MK9), 17:58; Marissa Daniels (MAM9), 18:12; Debbie Arzola-James (MHR9), 18:14.73.

Fastest Top 15 Overall Winners (gun times): Melissa Cook (DKOM9), 16:26; Liza Galvan (RFK9), 16:35.8; Jody Hawkins (AO9), 17:51.05; Penny Jones (MR9), 17:52; Aly Nielson (DF9), 17:56.5; Dawn Charlier (MK9), 17:58; Marissa Daniels (MAM9), 18:12; Kim Stark (KNT9), 18:17.2; Colleen Casey (THTH9), 18:18; Debbie Arzola-James (RUR9), 18:19; Caroline Erlingson (FWTT9), 18:19.7; Sonya Correa (DTT9), 18:31; Abby Perone (HHH9), 18:43; Miranda Walker (BZS9), 18:48; Wendy Ragle (RYR9), 18:55.

Fastest Top 15 Overall Masters Winners (gun times): Jody Hawkins (DKOM9), 16:55; Sandra Ricaud (HHH9), 19:08; ; Sheila Natho (GH9), 19:18.03; Gretchen McElroy (RPD9), 19:50; Laura Nelson (FMR9), 19:56.5; Angela Eusery (RFD9), 20:03.5; Fiona Green (TRN9), 20:06; Marilyn Burnham (RFK9), 20:19.2; Lisa Coleman (SSZ9), 20:42; Maria Moore (PPCC9), 20:44; Karen Cone (MFM9), 20:46.1; Melissa Hurta-Crites (FWLD9), 20:49.4; Yolanda Hopping (LCR9), 20:51.9; Carrie Baird (FWTT9), 21:02; Elizabeth Rudy (LDT9), 21:05.1.

10-Younger: Emily Heraty (GBF9), 20:54; Lindsey Thompson (RUR9), 21:56; Catherine Richardson (DJB9), 22:43; Hannah Allred (RID9), 23:55; Meghan Ellis (HRWB9), 24:17; Sarah Park (DRD9), 24:01; Riley Mattingly (TOFT9), 24:04; Alyssa Tarpley (RUR9), 24:06; Valerie Hart (SF9), 24:34; Addisyn Green (DFC9), 24:46; Samantha Schwartz (DTT9), 24:51; Katherine Roquebert (SF9), 24:51; Sueanne Harms (PLSP9), 25:09; Briana Mulderrig (DRD9), 25:13; Emily Whitaker (SS9), 25:12; Jessica Grider (DRD9), 25:15.

11-14: Natalie Rathjen (DKOM9), 17:21; Molly Tucker (DFC9), 19:05; Sarah Scott (GH9), 19:15; Sydney Brown (AD9), 19:18; Karie Jane Brashier (RTD9), 19:42; Elizabeth Schattle (AD9), 19:50; Natalie Baker (LIB9), 19:50; Madison Zimmerman (GBF9), 19:52; Maddy Reed (CNR9), 20:03; Sophia Racette (THTH9), 20:09; Katrina Bouton (FWTT9), 20:13; Payton Brown (AD9), 20:23; Delaney Miller (GBF9), 20:23; Bronwyn Boswell (RMS9), 20:31; Hannah Kupferschmid (DJB9), 20:48.

15-19: Aly Nielson (DF9), 17:57; Natalie Baker (JEN9), 18:52; Meghan Shea (MHR9), 19:09; Alex Davis (GBF9), 19:12; Corine Blunt (BEL9), 19:17; Caitlin Keen (FWLD9), 19:17; Megan Williams (GFR9), 19:20; Katherine Devlin (AH9), 19:28; Nicole Eckles (PRR9), 19:30; Melissa Sullivan (THTH9), 19:33; Meredith Gleitz (MFM9), 19:34; Carol-Lynn Shelby (SEF9), 19:45; Julie Reinwald (TRN9), 19:40; Brittany Adams (FMR9), 19:48; Haley Parsons (JEN9), 19:49; Clara Bush (GBF9), 19:52.

20-24: D'Ann Arthur (DKOM9), 17:28; Caroline Erlingson (DKOM9), 18:05; Marissa Daniels (MAM9), 18:12; Elizabeth Eder (FWTT9), 18:29; Abby Perone (HHH9), 18:43; Rebekah Ricksecker (FWTT9), 18:38; Tanja Ivandic (FWTT9), 18:47; Miranda Walker (BZS9), 18:48; Kristen Brown (RFK9), 19:30; Jen Smith (SAR9), 19:40; Natalie Como (KFB9), 19:42; Jessica Forsyth (MHR9), 20:04; Lyndsy Bedell (DKOM9), 20:20; Lisa Ueda (AO9), 20:22.

25-29: Melissa Cook (DKOM9), 16:26; Amanda Lorenzen (MHR9), 17:38; Ruth Waller (DKOM9), 17:53; Ashley Johnson (DKOM9), 17:54; Wendy Ragle (DKOM9), 18:02; Sonya Correa (DTT9), 18:31; Shaheen Satter (DKOM9), 18:49; Julie Cattell (DKOM9), 19:01; Jenny Pamer (FWTT9), 19:16; Lindsay Musielak (DKOM9), 19:34; Julie Wall (HFC9), 19:54; Kristina Watkins (FWTT9), 20:11; Kari Standerfer (TRN9), 20:12; Tara McCall (CC9), 20:13; Amanda Perry (RRU9), 20:24.

30-34: Melisa Christian (DKOM9), 17:03; Dawn Charlier (DKOM9), 17:33; Debbie Arzola-James (MHR9), 18:15; Kim Stark (KNT9), 18:18; Colleen Casey (XS9), 18:28; Alison Peters (FWTT9), 19:11; Gail Brooks (CRC9), 19:14; Yvette Lacsamana (MD9), 19:18; Kim Rogers-Tracy (GH9), 19:21; Becky Angeles (PMM9), 19:38; Ashley Nunez (DKOM9), 19:45; Elizabeth Meraz (KNT9), 19:46; Stephanie Carenza (BSSR9), 19:51; Katie Messer (BEL9), 19:55; Alison Semrau (DKOM9), 19:56.

35-39: Liza Galvan (RFK9), 16:36; Penny Jones (MR9), 17:52; Kim Stark (DKOM9), 18:04; Colleen Casey (THTH9), 18:18; Debbie Arzola-James (RUR9), 18:19; Cindy Connolly (DKOM9), 18:51; Yvette Gonzalez (DKOM9), 18:57; Cora Turner (HBT9), 19:23; Lisa Ryan (CAC9), 19:22; Dori Boyle (LCR9), 19:48; Christina Bell (FWTT9), 19:51; Christel Chase (FMR9), 19:52; Karen Matlack (DKOM9), 19:54; Rachel Best (HBT9),19:55; Teresa Froese (MAM9), 20:24.

40-44: Jody Hawkins (DKOM), 16:55; Sheila Natho (DKOM9), 19:21; Laura Nelson (RFD9), Gretchen McElroy (RPD9), 19:50; 19:48; Luiza Do Nascimento (KNT9), 19:56; Mina Pizzini (SBH9), 20:04; Angela Eusery (RFD9), 20:04; Fiona Green (TRN9), 20:06; Cora Turner (HDT9), 20:09; Sherry Mize (TRN9), 20:15; Wendy Ulrich (SEF9), 20:19; Marilyn Burnham (RFK9), 20:20; Ruthie Tate (FMR9), 20:28; Kristine Hinojos (HWW9), 20:30; Karen Cone (MFM9), 20:47.

45-49: Sandra Ricaud (HHH9), 19:08; Janice Moore (DKOM9), 19:15; Sheila Natho (GH9), 19:19; Fiona Green (DKOM9), 20:22; Lisa Coleman (DKOM9), 20:29; Maria Moore (PPCC9), 20:44; Melissa Hurta-Crites (FWLD9), 20:50; Yolanda Hopping (LCR9), 20:50; Leana Sloan (JSS9), 20:52; Carrie Baird (FWTT9), 21:02; Frances McKissick (TRN9), 21:34; Linda Babbidge (DRD9), 21:52; Megan Mansfield (DTT9), 22:00; Laura Bay (RNR9), 22:01; Christine Gummelt (FWTT9), 22:16; Scottie Cure (GBF9), 22:33.

50-54: Cindy Foster (DKOM9), 19:48; Elizabeth Rudy (LDT-RTR9), 21:06; Juli Baldwin Brown (LCR9), 21:20; Sherry Pipken (FMR9), 21:24; Gail Leveque (SS9), 21:51; Lisa Clines (RPD9), 21:52; Enid Schantz-Hagelbe (AO9), 22:11; Natalee Colyer (FWTT9), 22:19; Teresa Sellers (DJB9), 22:26; Joni Arhelger (GH9), 22:45; Sarah Rathjen (DTT9), 22:47; Beverly DeHart (FMR9), 23:00; Victoria Self (TRN9), 23:06; Candace Fountoulakis (BEL9), 23:13; Rosanne Bacon (KFB9), 23:15.

55-59: Linda Kelly (GH9), 21:48; Sherry Pipken (FOR9), 21:58; Meifang Zhu (GH9), 22:38; Kim Andres (JSS9), 22:58; Debbie Clark (HTH9), 23:21; Sunao Saito (VRPD9), 23:39; Lorene England (FJB9), 23:52; Dianna Conger (FOR9), 24:32; Deborah Ruiz (FMR9), 24:01; Karen Bowler (JSS9), 24:03; Linda Scott (DKOM9), 24:10; Cathie McNabb (AO9), 24:28; Diane Proud (THTH9), 24:37; Ellen Kohn (DF9), 24:41; Poksu Binger (FWTT9), 24:43.

60-64: Jean Krause (MHR9) 23:43; Kathy Redfern (THTH9), 24:36; Marlene Zimmerman (DKOM9), 24:53; Jennifer Nichols (VR9), 27:03; Linda Landrum (FWHF), 27:11; Ann Pennington (DKOM9), 28:33; Dana Walter (DFD9), 28:33; Barbara Sucher (LCR9), 28:38; Mary Edwards (RPD9), 28:40; Margaret Filingen (DKOM9), 28:41; Deborah Schwartz (DFD9), 28:59; Linda Chenevert (MK9), 29:09; Susan Murphy (DFD9), 29:10; Carol Lindenblatt (PPCC9), 29:14; Glenna Jennings (AGU9), 29:27.

65-69: Latralle Thompson (KNT9), 26:55; Marylyn Patrick (DKOM9), 26:56; Susan LeBlanc (KBO9), 28:07; Elizabeth Fagan (DKOM9), 28:32; Gail West (GBF9), 29:58; Martha Campbell (MFS9), 30:10; Mary Salter (DKOM9), 30:57; Marylynne Caruso (FWLD9), 31:07; Linda Waters (KNT9), 32:16; Maria Robinson (JSS9), 32:38; Ann Kanevski (AGU9), 33:17; Barbara Bowen (MK9), 33:31; Susan Widener (CR9), 33:51; Wilma Perry (FWTT9), 34:01; Helen Schoeck (MFS9), 34:31.

70-74: Mary Kennard (DKOM9), 27:07; Sherry Robinson (RFD9), 29:27; Joanne Barnes (LCR9), 31:17; Mary Kaplan (HFCC9), 31:46; Maureen Daugherty (FJB9), 33:51; Margaret Thrash (SC9), 34:39; Jerry Siedschlag (BR9), 34:41; Marylou Jacoby (DTT9), 36:32; Wanda Estes (RNR9), 36:55; Gloria Davies (CMT9), 37:20; Lois Bue (FWTT9), 37:47; Bettye Haynes (GH9), 38:53; Peggy Kimpel (DKOM9), 39:00; Joyce Weaver (CR9), 41:19; Judy Shea (PR9), 41:47.

75-79: Virginia Kay (TH9), 37:49; Jean Buchanan (DTT9), 40:05; Phyllis Provost (RPD9), 40:27; Helen Schoeck (SEF9), 41:35; Betty Forsvall (GH9), 42:19; Yolanda Falcon (FWTT9), 42:52; Thelma Sellers (CNR9), 43:47; Nancy Raitz (JC9), 46:04; Jeanne Mayer (AGU), 48:49; Sue Rhodes (DCD9), 51:17; Pat Meiske (VR9), 52:06; Margie Brantley (BB9), 52:57; Marilyn Beimer (DKOM9), 53:13; Marion Waller (PGTT9), 53:58; Larene Finstad (TBH9), 1:07:49.

80-84: Jan Richards (SFC9), 39:18; Bettybob Massey (CNR9), 43:51; Nancy Raitz (BFB9), 44:03; Ella Mauldin (DKOM9), 50:42; Arline Beavers (CAK9), 1:03:37; Mary Bartel (DTT9), 1:08:31.

85-89: Anne McCoy (BZS9), 1:19:35

90-94: Fan Benno-Caris (DKOM9), 1:38:59



Fastest Top 10 (gun times): Kip Kangogo (DKOM9), 14:24; Steven Ariga (XS9), 14:49.7; Isaiam Sanger (XS9), 15:14.0; Keith Pierce (FR9), 15:17; Westyn Rosiles (DJB9), 15:21.08; Clint Bell (PR9), 15:25.4; Kip Chemirmir (RFK9), 15:35.5; Jose Trevino (MHR9), 15:37.51; Cody Hughes (SEF9), 15:37.9; Andrew Cook (DCD9), 15:45.3.

Fastest Top 15 Overall Winners (gun times): Kim Kangogo (DKOM9), 14:24; Steven Ariga (XS9), 14:49.7; Keith Pierce (FR9), 15:17; Westyn Rosiles (DJB9), 15:21.08; Andrew Cook (DCD9), 15:45.3; James Cheruiyst (AO9), 15:46.41; Ramiro Garcia (MWM9), 15:58.5; Jody Broccoli (FOR9), 15:58; Pedro Ortega (*PF9), 15:59; Chris Strait (GH9), 15:59:62; Aaron Hohn (FWTT9), 16:02.4; Angel Soriano (CC9), 16:04; Brandon Cooper (NTBC9), 16:05.5; John Valentine (RFD9), 16:08; Charles Styles (CR9), 16:14; Craig Lutz (PPCC9), 16:14.

Fastest Top 15 Overall Masters Winners (gun times): Ernesto Caballero (DJB9), 15:59; William Moore (DKOM9), 16:02; Ken Hall (RFD9), 16:12.9; Robert Shollar (FMR9), 16:47.3; Bobby Gonzales (RPD9), 16:54; Richard Neill (FWTT9), 17:03.3; Dave Matlack (CR9), 17:15; Roger Clifford (LCR9), 17:24.2; Craig Manyard (DCD9), 17:32.8; Martin Guthrie (LIB9), 17:33; Jerry Young (AD9), 17:56; Charles Douglas (THTH9), 18:15.40; David Holtsford (CC9), 18:19.5; Alfredo Quiroz (TRN9), 18:20; Ron Winzen (SS9), 18:20.3.

10-Younger: Anthony Johnson (FJB9), 18:59; Zach Vineyard (HBT9), 19:59; Jonathan Espinoza (CAK9), 20:21; David Roquebert (THTH9), 21:08; Jose Luis Bravini (PPL9), 21:08; Jake Murphy (DF9), 21:39; Chance Ragsdale (CC9), 21:41; Elijah Alexander-Macias (GBF9), 21:55; Curt Popkin (DF9), 21:59; Jacob Shepherd (CRC9), 22:04; Garrett Scott (DFC9), 22:06; Austin Fugate (FWTT9), 22:14; Adrian Van Den Dyssel (RFK9), 22:34; Graham Faloona (SS9), 22:41; Andres Negrete (GBF9), 22:46.

11-14: Alec Saucedo (ROH9), 16:47; Francisco Reza (RTR9), 17:00; Robert Domanic (DJB9), 17:04; Nate Sullivan (DFC9), 17:13; Luke Hendrix (AD9), 17:19; Logan Henderix (AD9), 17:35; Jacob Babbidge (AD9), 17:38; Camoronell Villereal (FWTT9), 17:45; Zach Hamstra (AD9), 17:51; Nikolai Horbovetz (JEN9), 17:52; Kristian Samaniego (FJB9), 17:59; Cameron Jackson (RPD9), 18:07; Josh Waltz (SS9), 18:13; William Bowling (MWM9), 18:14; Matthew Brown (VRPD9), 18:15.

15-19: Cody Hughes (SEF9), 15:38; Ramiro Garcia (MWM9), 15:59; Daniel Ludwig (GH9), 16:02; Craig Lutz (NTTD9), 16:08; John Valentine (FWTT9), 16:11; Jonathan Swiatocha (RROR9), 16:17; Taylor Lively (CNR9), 16:17; Nathan Collier (CC9), 16:20; Jamie Guitierez (*PF9), 16:24; Nick Thorp (CMT9), 16:25; Chris Crook (*PF9), 16:25; Salvator Perdome (HFCC9), 16:27; Austin Miller (FJB9), 16:30; Davy Swiathocha (RROR9), 16:32; Cole Reveal (JEN9), 16:35; Justin Weaver (KFB9), 16:36; Jalen Alexander (*PF9), 16:40.

20-24: Logan Sherman (DKOM9), 14:54; Westyn Rosiles (DJB9), 15:22; Jody Broccoli (FOR9), 15:58; Jason Trevino (PR9), 16:01; Aaron Hohn (FWTT9), 16:03; Angel Soriano (CC9), 16:04; Brandon Cooper (NTBC9), 16:06; Matt Novak (FWTT9), 16:10; Charles Styles (CR9), 16:14; Micah Lorenzen (MHR9), 16:42; Lance Uppercut (CCS9), 16:47; Juan Pinal (REB9), 16:50; Joel O'Hair (HBT9), 16:50; Aaron Whitsitt (CC9), 16:52; Garrett Yuen (REB9), 16:54.

25-29: Koby Styles (DKOM9), 15:06; Keith Pierce (FR9), 15:17; Clint Bell (PR9), 15:26; Kiplimo Chemirmir (RFK9), 15:36; Andrew Cook (DCD9), 15:46; James Cheruiyst (AO9), 15:47; Pedro Ortega (*PF9), 15:59; Tyler Johnson (DKOM9), 16:12; Craig Ottman (DKOM9), 16:15; Raleigh Green Jr. (DJB9), 16:19; Ryan Gorman (DKOM9), 16:19; Eliud Njubi (FMR9), 16:40; Jason Miranov (VRPD9), 16:44; Joel O'Hair (MHR9), 16:46; Francisco Lavariega (THTH9), 16:49; Elisha Tanui (MHR9), 17:06.

30-34: Kip Kangogo (DKOM9), 14:24; Isaiam Sanga (XS9), 15:15; Clint Bell (DKOM9), 15:33; Eliud Njubi (FWTT9), 16:10; Elisha Tanui (XS9), 16:23; Matt Novokoff (CC9), 16:48; Francisco Lavariega (PR9), 17:00; Richard Hanson (DKOM9), 17:08; Blake Culp (PGTT9), 17:11; Daniel Mugo (RAH9), 17:16; Patricio Ramirez (UCP9), 17:23; Michael Barry (LIB9), 17:25; Jeff Russell (DRCI9), 17:26; Michael Edwards (FMR9), 17:28; Mike Hummel (DKOM9), 17:30; Nick Beers (CNR9), 17:30.

35-39: Steven Ariga (XS9), 14:50; Agustin Hernandez (PR9), 15:40; Joe Beisner (DKOM9), 15:42; Chris Strait (GH9), 16:00; Matt Pulle (AH9); 16:35; Roberto Monzon (SSOL9), 17:11; Patrick Schuster (PR9), 17:22; Jeff Alexander (RFD9), 17:26; Peter Roets (DKOM9), 17:30; John McCallister (CU9), 17:31; Andrew Bitmansour (HBT9), 17:32; Marcin Wedlarski (FWLD9), 17:39; Michael Aguilar (DKOM9), 17:46; Kim Mang (HHND9), 17:48; Jerry Johnson (DKOM9), 17:50.

40-44: Ernesto Caballero (DJB9), 15:59; Dave Matlack (DKOM9), 16:09; Todd Blanchard (DKOM9), 16:32; Kim Mang (DKOM9), 16:33; Brian Schmior (DKOM9), 16:48; Robert Shollar (FMR9), 16:48; David Balis (DKOM9), 17:13; Dave Emerson (TRN9), 17:26; Tommy Smith (KBO9), 17:30; Patrick Martin (FWTT9), 17:32; Martin Guthrie (LBI9), 17:33; James Jackson (RPD9), 17:42; Brad Patterson (CMT9), 17:46; ; Steve Pfiffner (DTT9), 17:52; Todd Reynolds (FMR9), 17:53.

45-49: William Moore (DKOM9), 16:02; Ken Hall (RFD9), 16:13; Bobby Gonzales (RPD9), 16:54; Craig Minyard (RTR9), 16:55; Tom Cearley (ROH9), 17:28; Robert Rose (FWTT9), 17:36; Ed Crum (*PF9), 18:04; David Holtsford (CC9), 18:20; Ron Winzen (SS9), 18:21; Mark Miller (DJB9), 18:22; Robert Smith (FOR9), 18:22; Shawn Gardner (DAF9), 18:24; Chris Crawford (DFD9), 18:26; Don Crawford (AE9), 18:35; David Presar (AE9), 18:38; James Michael (FJB9), 18:41; Thomas Reph (PRR9), 18:42.

50-54: Richard Neill (FWTT9), 17:04; Jeff Roth (DKOM9), 17:24; Michael Fussell (FWTT9), 17:37; Bob Smeby (LCR9), 17:53; Bob Scully (DJB9), 18:26; Ted Heers (SCU9), 18:40; Irwin Fairclough (LCR9), 18:46; Abelina Jeronimo (HTH9), 18:59; Kyle Heffner (LP9) 19:00; Hector Hernandez (MD9), 19:08; Raymond Rodriguez (MFM9), 19:10; Keith Fulenwider (GH9), 19:13; Mario Villagomez (*PF9), 19:18; Ryan Champlin (XS9), 19:19; Cecilio Escamilla (DKOM9), 19:21; Brian Polansky (RFD9), 19:23.

55-59: Ed Swiatocha (DKOM9), 17:38; Ronnie Fellers (*PF9), 18:48; Anthony Colon (GH9), 19:12; JJ Jenkins (JEN9), 19:16; Ronnie Fellers (CC9), 19:21; Terry Ziegler (LCR9), 19:35; James Burnett (DKOM9), 19:38; Lupe Rodriguez (WMR9), 19:44; Rusty Shelton (LIB9), 19:51; Doug Hinds (RTR9), 19:55; Jimmy Parker (DKOM9), 20:06; Ronnie Bardin (REB9), 20:12; Steve Calonkey (FWLD9), 20:29; John Ball (PLSP9), 20:25; J.W. Hawronsky (PRR9), 20:28.

60-64: BJ Bjorklund (LIB9), 19:00; Cole Mason (CC9), 19:19; John McGehee (JEN9), 20:16; Glen Taylor (LCR9), 20:34; Steve Conly (SAH9), 20:46; Bill Bruenig (PRR9), 20:51; Kit Kittrell (SC9), 20:53; Craig Hubbs (SC9), 21:27; Mike Smith (AO9), 21:29; Richard Stern (VRPD9), 21:31; Buzz Allen (KFB9), 21:39; Larry Lichnovsky (AMG9), 21:44; Robert Vigeland (FWTT9), 21:58; Daniel Flowers (LIB9), 21:59; Henry Galpin (JSS9), 22:10.

65-69: Bill Shaw (SAH9), 20:36; Ignacio Ybarra Jr. (CRC9), 21:38; Bill Richardson (DD9), 21:43; Wally Capps (GH9), 21:24; James Hill (WIB9), 21:58; Jim Sampson (HBT9), 22:51; Bill Shirley (DKOM9), 23:06; Charles German (JEN9), 23:10; Enrique Ordonez (CRC9), 23:36; Robert Wright (FMR9), 23:39; Rio King (DD9), 23:42; Jim Engstrom (AGU9), 24:00; Tom Crull (CFS9), 24:09; Gary Welch (PPHAL9), 24:10.

70-74: James Hill (DJB9), 21:55; Gordon Ratcliff (PRR9), 22:05; Jim Sampson (PRR9), 22:23; Edward Klassen (VR9), 22:42; Don Hickman (FOR9), 23:56; Bill Blackburn (MHR9), 23:42; Ken Brewer (CAC9), 24:14; Bill Bond (RPD9), 25:12; Barney Snitz (RTR9), 25:38; Fred Hawn (LCR9), 25:48; John McNamara Sr. (FWTT9), 27:36; Jesse Flores (KBO9), 27:46; Tom Porter (DAF9), 27:50; John Bailey (RUR9), 28:28; Bob Ashton (LOV9), 28:48.

75-79: John Sastoque (PR9), 23:30; Edwin Jackson (DRCL9), 26:39; Robert Coffey (JSS9), 27:30; John Dugdale (VM9), 28:02; Joseph Wollschold (WAC9), 28:17; Dewey Fambry (HR9), 28:50; Joe McCreary (FOR9), 29:24; John Platt (KNT9), 31:04; Don Denson (DTT9), 32:33; Dale Sleppy (SEF9), 33:36; Jeff Robinson (MD9), 34:33; Bill Hitt (WIB9), 34:39; C.T. Cadenhead (DRCL9), 35:10; Lovell Bolle (TRN9), 35:49; Robert Cunningham (TRN9), 36:00.

80-84: Richard Widener (KBO9), 28:56; Paul Woodberry (RRU9), 32:12; Sam Baker (FWTT9), 38:40; Howard Mayer (RAH9), 44:18; Paul Raitz (FWTT9), 45:26.

85-89: Ted Brewer (FWHF9), 43:00.

90-94: Ernest Lacroix (FWLD9), 49:55.



Fastest Top 10 Gun Times: Kiplimo Chemirmir (***FF9), 30:37.2; Stephen Ariga (TDF9), 30:55; Charles Styles (CR9), 32:38; Joe Beisner (PR9), 32:48.6; Clint Bell (CR9), 33:03; Geoffrey Streit (FWTT9), 33:26.4; Michael Breshears (AH9), 33:43.20; Ernesto Caballero (PR9), 33:50.6; Joel O'Hair (PPHAL9), 34:16; Jose Lopez (LDT9), 34:58.6; David Balls (CR9), 35:38.

Fastest Top 15 Overall Winners (gun times): Kiplimo Chemirmir (***FF9), 30:37.2; Stephen Ariga (TDF9), 30:55; Charles Styles (CR9), 32:38; Geoffrey Streit (FWTT9), 33:26.4; Joe Beisner (PR9), 32:48.6; Joel O'Hair (PPHAL9), 34:16; Jose Lopez (LDT9), 34:58.6; Craig Minyard (LDT9), 35:13.9; Roger Cliffon (WW9), 35:45; Nathan Collier (ZWR9), 36:03.7; Stuart White (ALR9), 36:47.3; Alex Wilson (BEL9), 37:48; R.C. Liley (FBR9), 37:51; Cody B(name not available), (PF9), 37:38; Kenny Stice (SAH9), 38:05; David Jones (SMD), 38:36.4.

Fastest Top 15 Overall Masters Winners (gun times): Ernesto Cabellero (PR9), 33:50.6; George Bene (FWTT9), 36:44.8; Jerry Young (PPHAL9), 37:14; Todd Reynolds (ZWR9), 38:02.3; Joe Landry (DRCI9), 39:15.68; Blair Kuhnen (FBR9), 39:33; Brad Patterson (LOV9), 40:23.2; Jim Batson (AH9), 40:39.30; Mark Olateju (PF9), 40:48; Jason Burke (SMD9), 41:04; Jesus Lopez (HHA9), 42:11.87; Doug Hinds (SWR9), 42:21; Jack Hase (HHD9), 42:54.4; Jimmy Parker (AD9), 44:08; Nick Castillo (SP9), 46:27.9.

10-Younger: Zach Wharton (ZWR9), 54:48; John Canavan (SAH9), 58:47.

11-14: Brian Collard (ALR9), 41:33; Eamon Dowd (BEL9), 44:00; Ronald Gonzalez (LOV9), 45:03; David Strome (LDT9), 45:11; Jack Hitzelberger (TDF9), 45:14; Conrad Dewolf (LOV9), 47:20; John Martin (PF9), 48:02; Paul Edwards (SMD9), 48:53; Logan Roemisch (FWTT9), 49:08; Rodric Cummins (TDF9), 50:17; Mathan Young (LDT9), 50:53; Drew Morgan (PPHAL9), 51:06; Blake Hogan (FWTT9), 53:40; Tyler Primeaux (SAH9), 54:02; Daniel Drake (FWTT9), 54:07.

15-19: (Note: because the Lake Joe Pool Pumpkin Run and FW Turkey Trot do not list ages, a few of these names might be in the wrong age division. Please e-mail if a runner is in the wrong division) Gilberto Garcia (PR9), 34:15; Keith Kotar (FWTT9), 34:36; Johnathan Alvarez (PR9), 34:57; Alex Awesome (PR9), 35:12; Trevor Gilley (FWTT9), 35:24; Nathan Collier (ZWR9), 36:04; Alejandro Maciel (PR9), 36:15; Kyle Scanlon (FWTT9), 37:01; Taylor Lively (SOC9), 37:08; Cody B(name not available), (PF9), 37:38; Alex Wilson (BEL9), 37:48; Dominic DelPrincipe (ZWR9), 37:56; Kenny Stice (SAH9), 38:05; Ethan Winton (ZWR9), 38:03; Daniel Rodriguez (BEL9), 38:08.

20-24: Logan Sherman (TDF9), 31:09; Matt Hansen (FWTT9), 33:38; Jose Lopez (AH9), 34:33; Steve Kuhlman (FWTT9), 35:55; Mason McCallister (TDF9), 36:53; Matthew Ross (FWTT9), 36:58; R.C. Liley (FBR9), 37:51; Nicholas Williams (ZWR9), 39:31; Michael Blakely (ZWR9), 39:43; Chris Lopez (FWTT9), 39:50; Buzz Nanavati (TDF9), 39:55; Aaron Whitsitt (TDF9), 40:00; Zach Trujillo (ZWR9), 40:06; Daniel Russey (ZWR9), 40:23; Adrian Dartaneda-Castaneda (HHA9), 40:47; Adam Paulson (DRCI9), 40:47.

25-29: Kiplimo Chemirmir (***FF9), 30:38; Joshua Trevino (TDF9), 32:22; Charles Styles (CR9), 32:38; Brent Poulson (FWTT9), 33:43; Michael Breshears (AH9), 33:44; Joel O'Hair (PPHAL9), 34:16; Pedro Ortega (PR9), 34:18; Sandy Joseph (FWTT9), 34:24; Francisco Iavariega (TDF9), 35:53; Kiplimo Chemirmir (FWTT9), 36:17; Jose Lopez (DRCI9), 36:21; Michael Vitale (FWTT9), 36:24; Joshua Terry (TDF9), 38:28; Adam Hennesey (FWTT9), 38:29; Jonathan Souza (CR9), 38:39; Jonathan Souza (FWTT9), 39:06.

30-34: Clint Bell (CR9), 33:03; Geoffrey Streit (FWTT9), 33:27; Madison Flowers (AH9), 34:59; Jeff Russell (FWTT9), 35:40; Mark Miller (FWTT9), 36:49; Robert Sprague (CR9), 37:05; Rick Hanson (LDT9), 37:08; Charlton Taylor (FWTT9), 37:14; Victor Palma (FWTT9), 37:29; Michael Ryan (CR9), 37:31; Harold Wilson (TDF9), 38:36; Randy Herrera (FWTT9), 38:37; Jason Bogardus (PPHAL9), 39:14; Andy Prior (TDF9), 39:28; Randy Bobe (AH9), 39:32.

35-39: Stephen Ariga (TDF9), 30:55; Joe Beisner (PR9), 32:49; Todd Blanchard (TDF9), 35:07; Neil Smith (TDF9), 35:33; Rick Taylor (TDF9), 35:55; Patrick Renoult (CR9), 36:12; Andrew Bitmansour (CR9), 36:42; Gene Bene (FWTT9), 36:45; Peter Roets (TDF9), 36:42; Dan Clubb (TDF9), 37:04; Francisco Diaz (FWTT9), 37:31; Jerry Johnson (TDF9), 37:32; Jeff Alexander (FWTT9), 37:40; Chris Strait (LOV9), 38:42; Brian Haskett (DM9), 38:44; Harry Cruz (AH9), 38:45.

40-44: Ernesto Caballero (PR9), 33:51; David Balls (CR9), 35:38; Todd Mann (FF9), 36:05; Kim Mang (TDF9), 36:18; George Bene (FWTT9), 36:45; James Jackson (SOC9), 37:09; Jerry Young (PPHAL9), 37:14; Todd Reynolds (ZWR9), 38:03; Nate Kredich (FWTT9), 38:35; Scott Herber (CR9), 38:42; Edward Henderson (CR9), 39:00; Joe Landry (DRCI9), 39:16; Michael Held (BR9), 39:17; Kevin Harper (ZWR9), 39:33; Nick Polito (TDF9), 40:07.

45-49: William Moore (TDF9), 33:50; Craig Minyard (LDT9), 35:14; David Jones (SMD), 38:37; Jeff Kirk (PR9), 38:44; Gary Anderson (FWTT9), 39:15; Blair Kuhnen (FBR9), 39:33; Mark Olateju (PPHAL9), 39:38; Todd Cline (TDF9), 39:40; Jim Batson (AH9), 40:40; Mark Westerheide (FWTT9), 40:42; Brad Pearson (LDT9), 40:44; Ed Crum (ZWR9), 40:51; Steve Darby (SAH9), 40:54; Jeff Fox (PPHAL9), 40:59; Stephen McKimmey (FWTT9), 41:03.

50-54: Michael Russell (PR9), 36:24; Bob Smeby (TDF9), 37:43; David Potter (DRCI9), 41:42; Chris Stewart (ZWR9), 41:55; Keith Fulenwider (TDF9), 41:55; Dan Hall (BEL9), 42:22; Keith Burgess-Jackson (ZWR9), 43:03; Julio Lopez (CR9), 43:30; Rusty Shelton (HH9), 43:33; Brian Polansky (FBR9), 43:33; Randy Wolf (FWTT9), 43:35; Irwin Fairclough (DRCI9), 43:57; Charlie Hart (ZWR9), 44:10; Ronald Radke (PR9), 44:25; David Collins (TDF9), 44:25.

55-59: James Barnett (TDF9), 41:05; Al Guevara (PR9), 41:24; Ronnie Fellers (FBR9), 42:11; Doug Hinds (SWR9), 42:21; Jimmy Parker (FWTT9), 42:28; Rusty Shelton (BEL9), 43:09; John Ball (ZWR9), 43:24; Jim Sansine (FBR9), 43:47; David Wiley (TDF9), 43:50; Don Wallace (PPHAL9), 44:14; Kit Kittrel (FWTT9), 44:50; Michael England (FWTT9), 45:25; Mike Fields (DRCI9), 45:53; Kenny Gardner (LDT9), 45:54; Tim Hagen (AD9), 46:49.

60-64: Bill Bruenig (AD9), 44:33; Robert Benson (SWR9), 44:50; Gerald Streit (FWTT9), 44:53; Richard Stern (ZWR9), 46:16; Buzz Shiely (FWTT9), 46:51; John Ross (FWTT9), 47:07; Paul Johnson (AH9), 47:15; Glen Taylor (SMD9), 47:58; Mike Doud (FWTT9), 48:09; Bryce Wilson (HHA9), 48:32; Daniel Flowers (SAH9), 48:45; Kendall Black (WW9), 48:59; Mike Gregory (TDF9), 50:29; Robert Bauerschmidt (FWTT9), 51:08; Spareribs Lamothe (LDT9), 51:25.

65-69: Wally Capps (WW9), 45:23; Bill Richardson (FBR9), 45:59; Ignacio Ybarra Jr. (HHA9), 46:34; Bill Shirley (TDF9), 50:09; Phillip Riley (ZWR9), 50:37; Kenneth Poole (FWTT9), 50:55; Jim Engstrom (AWR9), 51:02; Doug Gilpin (ZWR9), 51:30; Ted Melton (PR9), 51:59; Bob Freeman (LDT9), 52:51; Patrick Sims (FWTT9), 54:10; Bruce Boyle (SMD9), 55:08; Jack Manning (PPHAL9), 55:51; Alfred August (SAH9), 56:00; Larry McCart (CR9), 56:02.

70-74: Don Hickman (FWTT9), 49:57; Ken Brewer (PR9), 51:05; Sarge Hickman (FBR9), 51:25; Bill Bond (TDF9), 54:07; Barney Snitz (ZWR9), 54:31; Jon Parker (CR9), 56:41; Doug Roper (FWTT9), 1:02:24; Charles Keen (BEL9), 1:04:57; Troy Peyton (PPHAL9), 1:10:32; Nelson Spencer (DRCI9), 1:11:32; Alan Engisch (LDT9), 1:12:25; Marvin Skagerbeg (AD9), 1:15:08; Randy DeBusk (AH9), 1:24:23.

75-79: John Sastoque (ZWR9), 50:38; Marvin Engels (FWTT9), 58:40; Robert Coffey (FWTT9), 59:14; John Platt (AH9), 1:06:46; Keith Spradlin (FBR9), 1:17:52; Robert Cunningham (FBR9), 1:19:05; Lovell Bolle (FBR9), 1:21:20; Murray Forsvall (SAH9), 1:26:50.

80-84: Paul Woodberry (WW9), 1:08:59; Gene Brock (AH9), 1:15:49; Richard Widener (SAH9), 1:16:51; Ernest Lacroix (FWTT9), 1:44:57.




Fastest Top 10 Gun Times: Melisa Christian (TDF9), 35:47; Debbie Arzola (CR9), 36:34; Dawn Charlier (CR9), 36:42; Colleen Casey (CR9), 37:50; Wendy Ragle (PR9), 38:02.8; Patricia Vargas (PF9), 38:11; Hayley Cruz (AH9), 38:45.2; Laurie Shea (BEL9), 39:39; Gail Brooks (DRCI9), 40:18; Allison Peters (ALR9), 41:38.8.

Fastest Top 15 Overall Winners (gun times): Melisa Christian (TDF9), 35:47; Debbie Arzola (CR9), 36:34; Wendy Ragle (PR9), 38:02.8; Patricia Vargas (PF9), 38:11; Hayley Cruz (AH9), 38:45.2; Colleen Casey (HHA9), 39:03.86; Laurie Shea (BEL9), 39:39; Gail Brooks (DRCI9), 40:18; Vanessa Kelley (FWTT9), 40:39.2; Allison Peters (ALR9), 41:38.8; Kim Rogers-Tracy (AD9), 42:14; Gloria Barker (WIB9), 42:18.3; Britt Darwin-Looney (LDT9), 42:39; Rachel Whaley (FF9), 42:52.8; Jodi Bass (SMD9), 43:03.2.

Fastest Top 15 Overall Masters Winners (gun times): Cora Turner (PR9), 40:13.4; Sandra Ricaud (CR9), 41:45; Cece Carson (FWTT9), 42:00.8; Fiona Green (ZWR9), 43:08.8; Angela Eusery (FBR9), 44:31; Joan Stepler (SMD9), 44:54.5; Laura Nelson (LDT9), 45:19.5; Frances McKissick (PF9), 46:46; Linda Kelly (HHA9), 47:30.05; Diane Clark (AH9), 47:32.50; Dawn Burke (PPHAL9), 48:15; Kim Andres (SO9), 48:21.5; Amy Elliott (LOV9), 51:19.6; Kristine Hinojos (HHD9), 51:39.5; Jill Jung (HHD9), 57:26.5.

10-Younger: Natalie Ryan (SWR9), 55:41.

11-14: (Because the FW Turkey Trot results doesn't list ages, some of these names might be in the wrong age division. If so, please e-mail to correct the age division.) Natalie Rathjen (TDF9), 39:10; Jennifer Talbert (FWTT9), 43:49; Samanta Ottman (HHA9), 43:59; Laura Rathjen (TDF9), 48:55; Chistina Suikkari (SOC9), 51:27; Marissa Sheffer (ZWR9), 52:51; Alyson Cruz (AH9), 54:26; Danielle McIntyre (BEL9), 56:25; Erika Corley (AD9), 57:07; Hannah Schwettmann (FWTT9), 58:39; Megan Holy (PF9), 58:44; Zoe Luptowski (BEL9), 1:00:32; Linsey McGee (BEL9), 1:00:38; Jacquelyn Case (AH9), 1:03:10; Ashlee Baweem (FRB9), 1:05:01.

15-19: (Note: Because the Lake Joe Pool Pumpkin Run and FW Turkey Trot didn't supply ages, some names might be in the wrong division. Please e-mail if a name is in the wrong division) Aly Nielson (FWTT9), 42:29; Rachel Whaley (FF9), 42:53; Nicole Hudgens (DRCI9), 44:12; Julie Reinwald (ZWR9), 44:56; Kathryn Kudlaty (FWTT9), 45:59; Baylie Unzicker (HHA9), 45:50; Ashley Huhn (FWTT9), 47:114; Rachel Oleksiak (FWTT9), 47:16; Courtney Baker (FBR9), 48:26; Katherine Juroch (ZWR9), 48:36; Colleen Reidy (BEL9), 49:54; Shikha Johnson (PR9), 50:46; Chelsea Weagraff (PF9), 50:56; Kendall Howen (DRCI9), 51:05; Audrey Halicke (LOV9), 51:11.

20-24: D'Ann Arthur (TDF9), 37:02; Julie Sandoval (FWTT9), 42:12; Monica Hernandez (HHA9), 42:56; Lindsay Musielak (TDF9), 43:41; Natalie Merrill (HHD9), 44:10; Sheila Bishop (AH9), 44:33; Belinda Southall (CR9), 44:38; Annie King (HHA9), 44:52; Catherine Clifford (DM9), 45:10; Maddie Reidy (BEL9), 45:53; Nicole Melman (FWTT9), 45:56; Alyson Woody (FWTT9), 46:11; Deane Crum (FWTT9), 46:59; Becca Simmons (HHA9), 47:04; Denisa Kavokova (HHA9), 47:05.

25-29: Wendy Ragle (PR9), 38:03; Ruth Waller (TDF9), 38:58; Shaheen Sattar (TDF9), 39:20; Vanessa Kelley (FWTT9), 40:40; Natalie Merrill (BEL9), 41:46; Britt Darwin-Looney (LDT9), 42:38; Lyndsay Peterson (FWTT9), 42:45; Haley Feuerbacher (BEL9), 43:29; Megan Murphy (FWTT9), 44:14; Morgan Chaney (TDF9), 44:47; Maria Padilla (FWTT9), 44:57; Karen Lancaster (TDF9), 45:10; Jill Burrows (TDF9), 45:37; Kristin Mustik (CR9), 45:41; Debbie Laude (ZWR9), 46:02.

30-34: Melisa Christian (TDF9), 35:47; Dawn Charlier (CR9), 36:42; Becky Angeles (TDF9), 37:20; Debbie Arzola-James (TDF9), 37:39; Laurie Shea (BEL9), 39:39; Kari Sims (FWTT9), 41:27; Kim Rogers-Tracy (BEL9), 42:01; Michelle Shiller (TDF9), 42:56; Jodi Bass (SMD9), 43:04; Maria Martinez (FBR9), 43:13; Rebecca Bradley (FF9), 43:42; Sondra Puorro (BEL9), 43:50; Summer Mangum (TDF9), 43:54; Jean Dymott (TDF9), 44:27; Emily Hoppers (TDF9), 44:58.

35-39: Debbie Arzola (CR9), 36:34; Colleen Casey (CR9), 37:50; Patricia Vargas (PF9), 38:11; Yvette Lacsamana (TDF9), 39:38; Gail Brook (DRCI9), 40:18; Teresa Froese (AH9), 40:46; Cece Carson (FWTT9), 42:01; Gloria Barker (WIB9), 42:19; Elaine Bell (TDF9), 42:25; Christina Bell (TDF9), 42:36; Christel Chase (FWTT9), 42:55; Veronica Giordano (FWTT9), 43:57; Wendy Ulrich (FF9), 44:32; Heather Diamond (FWTT9), 44:49; Michelle Smith (FWTT9), 45:11.

40-44: Hayley Cruz (AH9), 38:46; Cora Turner (PR9), 40:14; Mina Pizzini (TDF9), 40:55; Katrien Van Laekn (FWTT9), 43:44; Angela Eusery (FBR9), 44:31; Phyllis Pastre (TDF9), 45:15; Laura Nelson (LDT9), 45:20; Yolanda Combs (FWTT9), 45:43; Melanie Flinn-Ouicob (WW9), 45:47; Cory Baker (BEL9), 45:51; Kristine Hinojos (SWR9), 45:53; Gail Kaiser (WIB9), 46:21; Sherri Kredich (FWTT9), 46:30; Jodee Ford (SOC9), 46:53; Stephanie Mullin (ZWR9), 47:08.

45-49: Janice Moore (TDF9), 41:01; Sandra Ricaud (CR9), 41:45; Melissa Hurta-Crites (FWTT9), 42:16; Fiona Green (ZWR9), 43:09; Regina Stagman (PR9), 43:26; Ros Dalrymple (WIB9), 44:17; Joan Stepler (SMD9), 44:55; Noreen Jacobson (FWTT9), 45:31; Denise Padfield (ZWR9), 48:34; Jennifer Johnson (FWTT9), 45:38; Frances McKissick (PF9), 46:46; Meda Bourland (FWTT9), 46:57; Valerie Jay (TDF9), 47:03; Cynthia Braden (ALR9), 47:17; Carole Holschuh (FWTT9), 47:39.

50-54: Margo Brand (PR9), 45:41; Carrie Spruiell (SMD9), 45:47; Elizabeth Rudy (LDT9), 46:42; Iris Stagner (ZWR9), 48:38; Maggie Riba (TDF9), 49:12; Colleen Rebant (ZWR9), 49:51; Kim Walker (FWTT9), 50:36; Janet Hess (FWTT9), 50:40; Priscilla Reese (TDF9), 51:03; Donna McDermott (PF9), 51:03; Kristja Falvo (BEL9), 51:04; Mary Wickham (FWTT9), 51:06; Dianna Sulser (AH9), 52:00; Sharon Grigsby (SMD9), 52:38; Kathy Shannon (FWTT9), 52:52.

55-59: Kim Andres (SOC9), 45:46; Linda Kelly (WW9), 46:26; Jean Kerr (FWTT9), 48:41; Lorene England (FWTT9), 48:49; Sunao Saito (DRCI9), 50:07; Christine Bassano (LDT9), 51:09; Poksu Binger (AH9), 51:30; Meifang Zhu (AD9), 51:37; Pam Barron (FWTT9), 52:18; Mary Sue McKenna (TDF9), 54:25; Vicki Rigby (FWTT9), 54:46; Cynthia Thomas (PPHAL9), 54:53; Melinda Jobe (SOC9), 55:13; Vickie Rigby (AH9), 56:13; Doris Lodics (HHA9), 56:30.

60-64: Sheila Kratz (TDF9), 56:18; Linda Landrum (FBR9), 56:28; Lois O'Neal (TDF9), 56:35; Carol Warner (FWTT9), 59:20; Becky Sherstad (HHA9), 59:22; Terrie Brooks (TDF9), 1:01:36; Toni McKenna (LDT9), 1:01:39; Jean Park (ZWR9), 1:02:26; Carol Lindenblatt (DRCI9), 1:03:11; Edna Clemens (TDF9), 1:03:21; Annabelle-Powell Corboy (ZWR9), 1:03:45; Carmen Flores (SWR9), 1:08:57; Mary Douglas (WW9), 1:13:08; Linda Lyles (TDF9), 1:16:15; Danuta Majewski (FWTT9), 1:17:35.

65-69: Marylyn Patrick (DRCI9), 56:51; Marylynne Caruso (TDF9), 58:07; Joyce Hightower (FWTT9), 1:01:18; Mary Salter (TDF9), 1:09:09; Darleen Cink (PF9), 1:10:54; Lynn Black (FWTT9), 1:17:46; Nancy Cole (PR9), 1:20:16; Cindy Crawshaw (SWR9), 1:22:20; D'Ann Riemer (TDF9), 1:26:34; Charlene Thompson (TDF9), 1:26:37; Sharon Lucas (TDF9), 1:27:33; Martha Taylor (TDF9), 1:30:41.

70-74: Margaret Thrash (ZWR9), 1:17:41; Maria Johnston (AH9), 1:17:43; Mary Ann Miller (DRCI9), 1:45:17.

75-79: Betty Forsvall (SWR9), 1:28:34.




Legend: Addison Oktoberfest=AO; Allen Eagle Run=AER; Allen Rudolph Run=ARR; Allen Springfest=ASF; AmazinGrace=AMG; Amazing River Run=AMRR; American Heroes=AH; Arbor Day=AD; August Gusto=AGU; Autumn Equinox=AE; Azle Lake Run=ALR; Azle Spring Fling=ASFL; BGO=BGO; Bagel Run=BR.; Basic 5K=BAS; Be A Champion=BAC; Believe!=BEL; BG Squirrel Run=BSQ; Luke's BGO=BGO; Big D 5K=BID; Big D Texas=BDT; Blazing Saddles-BZS; Bobcat Boogie=BCB; Bold In the Cold-BC; Boo!Run=BOO; Boogie For The Babies=BFB; Boot Scootin' Santa Run=BSSR; Boy Scouts of America 5K=(BSA); Brains For Autism=BAF; Brentfield Bobcat Boogie=BBB; Buffalo Boogie=BB; Bunny Boogie=BBG; Bunny Hop=BH; Butterfly Boogie=BUB.

Camper Scamper=CS; Camp Unusual=CU; Candlelighters Night Run=CNR; Carrollton Runners Club=CRC; Colony Veteran Run=CVET; Communities Against Crime=CAC; Four Seasons Cool Run=CR; Coppell Stampede=COS; Council For Life=CFL; Cowtown=COW; Cowboy Capital Stampede=CCS; Cowboys And Kids=CAK; Cow TX Running Scared=CTRS; Coyote Chase=CC; Crape Myrtle Trail Run=CMT; Crull Fitness Summer Send-off=CFS; Dadfest 5K=DAF; Dallas Jingle Bell Run=DJB; Dallas Labor Day Run=DLD; Dallas Komen Race For The Cure=DKOM; Dallas Mardi Gras=DMG; Dallas Runners Club Independence 5K=DRCI; Dallas Runners Club The Loop=DRCL; DRC President's Run=DRCPR; Dallas Turkey Trot=DTT; Dash Down Greenville=DDG; Dash For Dignity=DFD; Declaration Dash=DCD; Dorothy's Dash=DRD; Dragon's Fire Race=DF; Dragon's Fire Christmas and Stroller Parade=DFC; Dream Mile=DM; Dreams On Wings=DOW; DO Dash=DOD; DRC Frigid 5K=DRCF8; DRC Half, 5K=DH; Dream Mile=DM; Duff Derby=DD.

Eat Right, Run Fast=ERRF; Elvis Run=ER; ESA Cancer Awareness Run=ECA; Faith Run=FR; Fall Breakaway=FB; Fillie Trot=FT; Firecracker 5000=FCK; Fireman's Run=FMR; Firefighters=FF; Fireworks=FWKS; Fort Worth Jingle Bell=FJB; FWRC Boogie Woogie Spooky Run=FWBW; FWRC Bud Run=FBR; Fort Worth Can Academy=FCA; FWRC Einstein Run=FWER; FWRC High Five=FWHF; FWRC Labor Day Run=FWLD; FWRC Mercury Run=FWRCMR; Fort Worth Komen Race For The Cure=FWKRC; FWRC Spring2spring=S2S; Fort Worth Turkey Trot=FWTT; Fort Worth Zoo Run Run=FWZ; Freedom Run=FRE; Friends of the River=FOR; Gary Burns Frisco Run=GBF; Gay (Happy) Run=GHR; Girlfriends Mad Dash=GMD; Gobble Hobble=GH; Granbury Freedom Run=GFR; Granbury Road Race=GRR; Habitat for Humanity=HHUM; Halloween Hustle=HHU; Haltom Stampede=HS; Heartbeat 5K=HBT; 10-4 H.A.N.K.=HANK; Heart of Heath=HOH; Heels And Hills=HH; Heels and Hills Dollar A K=HHD; Heels and Hills and Him=HHH; Heels and Hills Five Dollar=HHFD; Heels and Hills National Running Day 5K=HHND; Help The Homeless=HTH; Heroes For Children=HFC; Highland Village Red, White & Blue=HRWB; Hit The Bricks=HB; Holiday Run=HR; Holy Family Christmas Canter=HFCC; Hope For Batten Cure=HBC; Hot Dog Trot=HDT; Hottest Half=HHA; Hound Dog Hustle=HDH; How West Was Won=HWW; Ice Cream & Peaches=ICP; Indie Run=IND; Irving League Symphony Run=ILS; ISC Festival Night Race=ISC; Jingle Bell Run For Arthritis=JB; Joe's Run=JR; Jogger 5K Summer Series=JSS; Jog'r Egg Nog'r=JEN; Jogging For Johnson=JJ; Jog With The Frog=JWF; John Bratten=JB; Joey Cushman=JC; Joe Pool Lake Pumpkin Run=PR; Judi K. Skinner=JKS; Jumpstart 5K=JMPS; Just For Heck of It=JFH.

KA SMU=KSMU; Kacie's Run=KACR; Kappa Alpha Theta Fall Breakaway=KFB; Katy Trail=KT; Kick 4 College=K4; Kieron Go Bragh=KGB; Knight Run=KR; Komen North Texas Race For The Cure=KNT; Kwanzaafest Beat Obesity=KBO; Labor Of Love=LOV; Lake Benbrook Half&5K=LB; LGRAW Double Trouble=LDT; Leaping Leprechauns=LL; Let's Party=LP; Liberty 5K=LIB; Liberty By The Lake 5K=LR; Life Without Limits=LWL; Lisa Pritchard Memorial=LPM; The Long Run=LR; Lost Dog=LD; Lovejoy Country Run=LCR; Lake Worth Monster Dash=LWMD; Make Tracks For Hope=MTH; Make The Break=MTB; Mardi Gras Run=MGR; Mansfield Pecan Festival=MPF; Mary Moore Trail Run=MMT; McKinney Firefighters=MFF; McKinney Historical Run=MHR; Memorial Day=MD; MLK and Dream 5K=MLK; Mary Kay=MK; Mayfest=MF; Mayor's Run=MR; Milk Town Trot=MTT; McDonald Gooseneck=MGN; Miles For Meredith=MFM; Miles For Smiles-MFS; Mission Fun Run=MFR; Movin With McLean=MWM; MPS Run For Their Lives=MPS; Mundo De Fe=MDF; Mustang Challenge=MC; Mid-Year Muse & Motion=MAM; Mustang Stampede=MST; New Year's Day 5K=NYD; NOCC and Pureology=NOCC; North Texas Boot Camp=NTBC; North Texas Touchdown Run=NTTD.

Oktoberfest Chik-Fil-A=OCF; Pantego Candy Trail & Tree Lighting=PCTTL; Park Glen Turkey Trot=PGTT; Pecan Festival=PF; Plano Pacers=PP; Plano Pacers Boo Scoot=PPBS; Plano Pacers Children's Charities=PPCC; Plano Pacers Fresh Start 2008=PPFS8; Plano Pacers Hall of Fame=PPHF; Plano Pacers Halloween=PPHAL; Plano Pacers Ice Cream & Peaches=PPICP; Plano Pacers May Day=PPMD; Plano Pacers Millet Mile 5K=PMM; Plano Remembrance Run=PRR; DRC Peaceful Tomorrows With Our Troops & Veterans=PTV; Ennis Polka Festival=PF; PowerPoint Fit For Life=PPFL; Prairie Lights Sneak-A-Peek; PLSP; President's Run=PR; Prosperity Place=PPL9; Race Against Hunger=RAH; Heck IX-Race Against Misogyny & Sexism=RMS; Race and Roll=RR; Race To End Abuse=REB; Race For The Children=RFC; Irving Race For Wishes=RFW; Race To Read=RTR; Red Oak Hawk Hustle=ROH; Red Nose Run=RNR; Red, White, Blue Trilogy=RWB; Redbud Run=RB; Red Hot Blackeyed Pea Run=RHB8; Reindeer Run=RRU; ReMarkable Foundation 5K=REMARK; Resolution Solution=RESS; Resolution Run Highland Village=RRHV; Rev Up Your Spirit=RUS; Richardson High School Excellence in ED=RHS; Richardson Gobble Hobble=RGH; Rise and Shine=RAS; Roof Dog Run=RDR; River Legacy Series=RLS; River Ranch Run=RRR; River Ranch Hound Hustle=RRHH; R.L. Turner Torch Run=TR; Rotary Resolution Run=RRR8; Rudolph Run=RUR; Running Down a Dream=RDD; Run For Cover=RFC; Run For The Kids=RFK; Run For The Riders=RFRI; Run The Highlands=RHI; Run In The Dark=RID; Run For Dad=RFD; Run For Recovery=RFR; Run For Sarah=RFS; Run For Shelter=RFS; Run Proud For Dessert=RPD; Run, Rock and Roll=RROR; Run The Rite Way=RRW; Run The Trail=RTT; Run To Cure Diabetes=RTD; Run To Joe's=RTJ; Run To The House=RTH; Run To Wellness=RTW; Run The Pointe=RTP; Ryan Run=RYR;

Salute to American Heroes=SAH; Santa Scurry=SS; Sarah's Cure=SCU; Sarah's Run=SAR; Seton Soles=SEAS or SES; Second Chance=SC; Secret Service Run=SSR; Arts Festival=SEF; Seminary Stride=SST; SFI 5K For Families-SFI; Snowman Shuffle=SSH; Soles For Souls=SFS; Son Rise Run=SR; Speedway Run=SWR; Spirit of Christmas=SOC; Spring Fling=SL; Spring Sprint=SSP; Sprint For Cancer=SFC; Spur On=SO; St. Anthony in Wylie=STAN; St. Matthew Harvest Run=SMHR; State Fair Run=SFR; Stockyards River Ranch=SRR; Stonebridge Memorial Day=SMD; Stonebridge Resolution Run=STRR; Sudan Footrace=SF; Summer Bath House=SBH; Summer Sizzler=SSZ; Summer Solstice=SSOL.

Tal Morrison Classic=TM; Tarrant Komen Race For the Cure=TKO; Texas Half 5K=TH; Texan Trail Run=TTR; Trinity River Levee=TRL; The Trio Bishop Dunne=TBD; The Trio-Canterbury=T-C; Thrill of the Grill=TOG; Too Cold To Hold=TCH; *Too Hot To Handle 5K=THTH; Toys For Tots=TOFT; The Trio-Trinity Kids=TTK; Tour Des Fleurs=TDF; Trek For Tech=TFT; Trinity 5000=TRN; Trinity Bright Halloween=TBH; Triple Crown Year=TCY; Two White Dogs=2WD; UCP Life Without Limits Run, Walk, Roll=UCP; Undy 5000 Run=UR; Uptown Run & Trolley Walk=UP; Valley Ranch Pumpkin Dash=VRPD; Veteran's Memorial=VM; Victory Run=VTR; Victory Over Violence=VOV; Viking Run=VR; Vineyard Run=VR; Walk & Wag and Run=WW; Walk For The Whisper-WFW; Water Is Basic=WIB; Watermelon Run=WMR; Wellington Athletic Club's Family Run=WAC; West Fork River Run=WF; Wildflower Run=WFL; Wonder Girl=WG; xSIGHTment 5K=XS; Zetnick Winter Run=ZWR.