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2009 Fastest List (beginning in May '09), 2008-2009 Fastest List (Through April '09), 2010 (through Nov. 18)

2011 Fastest List (through Oct. 22, 2011)

Fastest Times at DFW road races is no longer being updated

When the Fastest Times list was started on this site in 2008, the number of races during the week usually was about 15 or so during the ''running season.'' Now, it's not unusual to have more than 20 or 30 events over the weekend. The job of updating the Fastest Times list has become too time-consuming (it's almost a six-pack job now), so the latest updated list will be the final one, though I'm accepting updates through Oct. 22 races. I hate to give it up because the feature seems to be popular. However, there is a way for runners to keep tabs of times and to see how they stack up with others by submitting their personal bests in their current age division as well as their all-time bests. Just fill our the form to be included in the list. And when a new personal record is set, send in the new time or times. Also, please check the final Fastest Times list to see if your name belongs on it.