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H.B. Wise

More of the same, but expect more

Gary Pulver

Six races in six days in six states    Relays are good way to join distance runners

Joe Boyle

Stride is Everything, Part 1,   Part 2,   Cues for improvement

Fiona Green

Embarassing incident made me a runner   Outside factors can ruin great planning

Trying a new challenge can reinvigorate your desire to run

Mayor Betsy Price's health push is showing results

David Norcott is an inspiration for all

Charles Clines

Vera Coker was an inspiration    Surprises highlighted 2001-2, 2007    Chips and a heart tale

Trying to rekindle the desire to run     What does it take to be a runner?


Past Runners of the Year

CRC's 2013 Runners of the Year: Enoch Nadler, Jessica Smith, Todd Reynolds

Cora Turner

CRC's 2012 Runners of the Year: Logan Sherman    Dawn Grunnagle

Agustin Hernandez, Cathy Buchanan, other awards

CRC's 2011 Runners of the Year: Andrew Cook, Becky Angeles   Masters Runners of the Year, Laura Nelson, James Jackson

Special recognition for 2011: Sonya Correa    Kim Gray    Bill Berenson    T.O. Okazaki

CRC's 2010 Runners of the Year, Joe Beisner and Laura Nelson    


Runners in the Spotlight 2010-2011-2012-13-14

Joe Beisner     Laura Nelson    Leana Sloan    Skeeter Hogue     Kelly Richards

Poksu Binger      Priscilla Reese    Ted Brewer,   Dr. Thomas Kleuser

Linda Landrum     Phil Cisneros     Cathy Buchanan    Bill Berenson

Thomas (T.O.) Okazaki    Joe Boyle    Andrew and Melissa Cook

Fiona Green     Sheila Natho     Kolin Styles    Linda Kelly

Mike Fussell    Eddie Large     Emily Van Dyken      Gary Anderson

Wally Capps    David Holtsford     Ron Winzen


2015 Race Reports


Out-of-state runners win Christmas Spirit Classic    Grandmas ring out and ring in years

Dec. 19 Highlights     Williams family makes haul at Some Like It Cold

Dec. 12-13 Highlights     Young soccer player wins Jingle Bell Jog    

Dec. 5 Highlights   Santa Scurry not for those in a hurry


Glen Park Turkey Trot always special  

Windy, cold morning greeted Madison's Run participants   Nov. 26 Highlights

Nov. 14-15 Highlights    Teens win at Casey's Kids    Nov. 19-21 Highlights

Race highlighted free LA trip     Nov, 7-8 Highlights    Runner/director had Ditto Dash running smoothly



Oct. 22-25 Highlights   Jenny's Run For Hope gets break from rain    Oct. 31-Nov. 1 Highlights

Inaugural Road Runner 5K a big hit    Oct. 15-18 Highlights     Close races highlight Police and Firefighters Memorial

Oct. 3 Highlights     Two veteran speedsters win Celebrate ESA     Oct. 10 Highlights


Sept. 19-20 Highlights   Sept. 26 Highlights     "World champs" decided at two-fifths marathon

Prediction proves true at Fighting Autoimmunity    Sept. 5-6-7 Highlights      Sept. 12 Highlights


Aug. 22 Highlights     Aug. 29 Highlights    Bell sets hot pace at Communities Against Crime

Aug.15-16 Highlights     Fast times, cash highlight Brooke Hester    Even pushing double stroller, Craig Ottman wins in Southlake

Grove Skedaddle winners awarded dinners      Aug. 8 Highlights     Ironman leads winning team at Deanna's Dash


July 30-Aug. 2 Highlights

July 25-26 Highlights     University students wins female overall at Summer Sizzler

July 4 Highlights    Norwegian family bag awards at Cox Running Club's 4th      Junior Olympian tops Race Against Misogyny, Sexism


June 25-27 Highlights  

June 4-6 Highlights     xSIGHTment Run      June 19-21 Highlights     Mayor among Juneteenth competitors


May 30 Highlights     Honor Connor 5K

May 23-25 Highlights      Peaceful Tomorrows With Our Troops & Vets

Family just misses car usage sweep     May 16 Highlights      Motivated teens win at Casey's Kids

May 2-3 Highlights     Winzen repeats at Run 4 Gids Uganda      May 9 Highlights


Music Miles had big turnout    Heels and Hills a success in Keller

April 4 Highlights      April 11-12 Highlights     April 18-19 Highlights     Sarah Dietz impressive in victory    


Surprise winner at Cops For Kids

March 21-22 Highlights     8-year-old beats dad for oeverall award      March 28 Highlights

March 7-8 Highlights       Brewing up fun and PRs at Shannon Brewery race      March 14-15 Highlights


Cowtown half marathon records set     2014 Short Jogs notes

Feb 14 Highlights and All America Cities 10K     Feb 14 Highlights and Amazing Metric Race


Clines' My View Columns

2015 Resolutions     Passing the baton

GPS systems are close, but not perfect

Unofficial road race rules that should be official

Should mud runs and obstacle races be listed with road races?

Running clubs offer a cheaper alternative     Some compliments and suggestions  

Age group questions and other puzzlers

Gun times, not chip times should determine overall winners

Plethora of events seems to have diluted rivalries

Cowtown was great, but my Challenge plan was lacking   

Jim Gilliland was the face of Cowtown for many years     Some pet peeves

Age handicapped runs are mystery to me

Predicting time at the old Murphy's Law race was difficult

How results can be skewed    It's difficult selecting Runners of the Year

2012 off to fast and familiar start    Why bring back the mile?

FWRC Labor Day run needs to tweak its timing rules     Clark Gardens Half has plenty of character    I'm a friend of the river

Vibrams test resumes    Running offers cheaper alternative than other sports

Defunct races bring back fond memories

Cowtown hits home run with new venue and splitting races to two days    It pays to stay active

Heading into 2011 and celebrating five years    Are races becoming too expensive?    Cowtown remains special

Shelving the Vibrams...for now    Rate the race events   

White Rock telecast better, and again highlights features

Smile, you might be on video    Cowtown makes good move by splitting events     Fastest times list isn't perfect, but close

White Rock telecast welcome, but lacking on elite information    Try something new for 2009   

Training by time has worked for me

Frustrated by Forum, PR responses    Running with the dog was fun...for the dog    Pre-registering has pitfalls, bonuses

Parking ban at White Rock causes problems     One body allocated; take care of it     Be Careful Choosing a Personal Trainer

Mirek Kunagl has the perfect training program     Unusual happenings remembered  

Running alone won't keep you healthy

FW Turkey Trot hits record, but changes need to be made to handle the crowd  

White Rock TV coverage improves

New Year and new resolutions        Barefoot running growing more popular