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Trying to fill a gap for road-race coverage

I covered running for several years for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and am familiar with the road-race scene. I also wrote a monthly column for Inside Texas Running. Because the Star-Telegram has significantly reduced their coverage of road races in recent years, I am trying to fill some of the gap for running information, especially in the Tarrant County area. charles clines

This website was up and running early in March, 2006, and I will continue to try and improve it.

I began running in my early 40s. Though I never thought when I started I'd ever be able to run a 10K. I barely could make it around the block. I have since managed to not only run that 6.2-mile distance, but have gone on to finish several marathons, half marathons and numerous 5Ks. Among my most memorable runs include my first 10K at Cowtown, my first trail run at Cross Timbers, my first marathon at the Dallas Trails, the first time I broke 4 hours for a marathon (at Cowtown), participating in the 100th Boston Marathon, and coaching teams for the Arthritis Foundation and Prevent Blindness of  Texas organizations. Among the trips the teams took were to the Dublin Marathon, Honolulu Marathon and the Disney Marathon and Half Marathon. Everyone who completed training finished their races. Many of the participants have continued running or walking, which to me was worth the time and effort spent during training. Several of us remain friends.

Ever since I read Jim Fixx's book of the Complete Book of Running, I've been convinced that running is the best exercise for overall fitness. Though I've had to reduce my road running because of meniscus problems in my right knee (which I believe was caused by a fall, not so much by running), I still plod along on a treadmill and elliptical machine on occasion when I'm not on the roads. I definitely haven't given up running and have participated in the Squirrel Run 10K, the Turkey Trot 10K, The Half and Disney Half Marathon since I was told to cut down on my mileage. I just save up for the races.

Hopefully, visitors to this website share the same interest in running that I do. Look forward to seeing you on the roads.

Charles Clines